"Activ-Flex, Finger-Wrap" bandages

The other day I cut my finger (as usual, while cutting an onion). I was out of appropriage bandages, so I went to the drug store and decided to try a new kind. It’s the “Activ-Flex Finger-Wrap,” made by Johnson & Johnson. It’s a transparent tapered strip without a pad, with a totally adhesive surface.

  1. No pad: If you’re wearing a bandage that doesn’t have a pad, and you bump the wound on something, it really hurts like hell. This bandage is specifically aimed at finger wounds, and how do you avoid all contact until the wound heals?

  2. Transparent: Gee, you (and everyone else) can watch all the festering gore 24/7. There’s no escape from it.

  3. Totally adhesive: You know how careful you have to be when removing a bandage whose pad has slightly stuck to the wound? Well, imaging a bandage without a pad, but whose entire surface is stuck to your finger, including the wound. There is no way to remove it without taking the congealed blood, etc., along with it. Now I have a fresh wound that has to begin healing all over again.

I don’t know what kind of injury this product is made for, but it’s a total disaster in treating a finger cut. At least it’s waterproof.

That does not sound like a good idea. Maybe the idea is to put it on and leave it on until your scab has fallen off. Although that will never happen when it’s glued on with a bandaid. I never leave my bandaids on very long anyway - just until the bleeding’s stopped, then I let the fresh air do it’s thing. So, in summary, I agree with your OP. :smiley:

You know how there are “Finding Nemo” and “Pooh” bandages for kids? Someone needs to call Rob Zombie, quick.

From J&J: