Why did my coflex bandage stop sticking to itself? Blister Care

This is something I’d always called “vet wrap” but inside the roll is written coflex. I’ve kept it around for years so maybe it’s just old but it no longer sticks to itself which is it’s only job.

I googled and found things you can do with coflex but nowhere am I finding why it stopped sticking to itself and how I can prevent it happening again. Or maybe even if it’s fixable.

meanwhile, I have to leave for work after I put bandaids over the blisters on the top of my toes again. :roll_eyes:

so hoping someone here knows and feel free to say comforting things about my blisters, the first I’ve had in decades.

The rubber coating dries out over time and stops adhering to itself.

It looks like this is the same stuff the blood center uses for bandages. I’ve played around with it after removing it, and it never sticks to itself a second time.

this would be the first time, though. I am pretty sure the answer is going to be age, but not sure if it has a “rubber coating”.

maybe I should have just named this thread Blister Care, more generically. :thinking:

again, feel free to say comforting things.

we can edit thread titles, at least temporarily! that’s nice.

(will you look what I’d doing instead of getting ready to go to work?!)

I’ve used vetwrap (cheaper than coflex) and I think dust/dirt interferes with its self-adherance. You can use the little clips that come with ace bandages.

BTW, the blisters have almost healed (I’ve been googling about them for a week now) and I was just experimenting with mole skin this morning.

one wouldn’t stay on hence attempting the Coflex wrap. lots of supplies for this are too big for my toes.

When my son was bowling semi-professionally, he carried a little kit with new-skin material and glue. Search for liquid bandage kits.

thank you!

Liquid bandages are what I use. I have a bottle of New-Skin here that I bought at CVS. Dermabond is another brand.

Yep. One use use only.

I have kinesiology strips for my Achilles. They are the same.
One chance to get is all you get.

Never asked about re-using

So sorry.

I thought maybe you wrapped and unwrapped a couple times and lost the sticky.

I apologize for my error.