Active shooter at Ohio State University

Developing story- OSU says run, hide, fight. Cnn reporting that 7 people have been taken to hospitals.

Here is a link.

Local news isn’t reporting much more. There’s lots of buzz in my office just north of Columbus. Many co-workers have kids there.

I hope they catch the shooter quickly.

I hope the media doesn’t show the perpetrator’s name or face. We don’t want to reward him by making him famous.

I was just about to post this. You know the media is going to make him out to be an evil hero.

It looks like it’s still ongoing. 8 injured so far seems pretty concrete. This is the time of the incident that the police are a lot more interested in dealing with the situation than informing the press. Lots of misinformation starts being floated as they report tweets as fact.

Live local coverage here.

Currently stating 9 injured, one suspect dead.

Now cnn has reported one suspect has been killed.

Interesting advice to the students.

What do they mean by “run hide fight?” (I get the “run” and “hide” part).

It’s the order of operations for what to do in a shooter situation.

IF you can get away, get away and get safe.

If you can’t get away, hide so the shooter doesn’t find you.

If you can’t do either of those, tackling the shooter is a low percentage play but it’s better than standing in front of them waiting to get shot.

I assume that means run away if you can, if you can’t run then hide, if discovered while hiding then fight back.

What? Do you mean the fringe media, like blogs and twitter? If not, when has the mainstream media ever done this? I mean, even if you can’t the possibility of speculating that the Columbine killers were bullied, I’ve never seen these murderers portrayed as anything but abhorrent freaks.

Scene is secure, classes cancelled.

Abhorrent freaks whose name and picture are displayed on every TV news show, every social media outlet, and every radio program (well, not the picture) for a month.

Some people just want fame, don’t care how they get it.

Its scary.

Also, as a side note, a VERY SPECIAL THANK-YOU to YAHOO NEWS…

… for reporting this as the Top headline…

… and listing as the second story Immediately Under it,
The Top Five Best Selling Handguns of 2016”.

That’s Fucking Inappropriate, You Assholes…

There are active shooter drills in school. It’s the new “Duck and Cover.” Here* is a pamphlet from the Department of Homeland Security.

*Warning: PDF! Everyone panic!

A few nights ago I dreamt there was an active shooter on my campus and I was shot in the thigh :frowning: we had a campus active shooter “Run, Hide, Fight” drill last month, it’s sick and terrifying that this is a new normal for schools.

The shooter is dead. Nothing can reward him now.

I hear this logic a lot, but it doesn’t make sense to me. There are so many shooters that for most of them, any fame is fleeting. Plus, most of them end up dead.

Clearly, nobody is inspired to do these things by a realistic assessment of the outcome. Is there evidence that a media blackout prevents future shootings? Should we also avoid news coverage of other crimes, or at least crimes with a psychological component? That’s a serious question; I don’t know.

I can see real benefits for authorities in controlling information, but I don’t agree that it benefits the community as a whole. As a grown-up, I don’t appreciate information being withheld from me for my protection.

(and my dad went to OSU :frowning: )

That’s all very true. However, that does not equate to “hero,” evil or otherwise. That’s just making money to a gawking, morbid and nosy public.