Shooting at Virginia Tech

From CNN:

Further bulletins as events warrant, of course. I hope no one here is or knows anyone there.

being from Virginia a good number of my friends are there (hell, I’m only not there because they rejected me, but UF has been more than good to me in return).

Two dead, 7 or 8 injured, and there is a separate incident involved. They’re saying they have someone in custody.

I guess only one dead, but shit…seventeen people are injured. They have a video of the second shooting as it happened. Fucking unreal.

Wow. According to CNN, this is much worse than first reported. 20 dead and more injured. The gunman is also dead.

I still see only two listed as dead (one victim, and one shooter.) But it appears a second shooter is likely still at-large.

Edit: Ok, now I see the updated story.

Wow. At least 22 dead. One more critical.

There are no words. :frowning:

I’m seeing news sites reporting at least 20 dead. This is horrible.

The phone video they showed on CNN…it looked like a group of people standing with the shooter when he opened fire. They weren’t hitting the ground. Did I see that right? Jesus…what a nightmare.

My God. Do we have any Dopers in Blacksburg? How horrid.

May angels speed them to their rest. May God comfort the families. Somehow.

I think those were the police responding. There were a ton of shots going off.

Holy fucking shit. I just heard the update on the radio news here in Canada. Oh, my god.


so far nobody on my friends list from VT has any memorial or “we’ll miss you” messages on their wall…

CNN is now reporting twenty-two dead. The worst school shooting since Colombine. I cannot watch this anymore. I will check back in the morning.

It’s been 24 years since I was briefly a grad student there, but it’s still a place I’m fond of.

Horrible, to hear that something like this has happened there.

My cousin has friends at Tech, and we have a couple of friends of the family with kids there :(. Just waiting to see if everyone’s okay.

This is horrible.


It’s the worst school shooting in US history. What makes a person do this?

This is bizarre. I’m not a VT Doper, but I’m at Radford University, just twenty minutes down the road. So far, no big changes here, just more police around.

Are these things related or just coincidences?

At least 25 dead according to ABC.