Shooting at Virginia Tech [December 8, 2011]

A shooter has killed a police officer and possibly a second victim. Apparently the suspect is still at large. Breaking news via twitter:!/virginia_tech/virginia-tech

Anyone at Virginia Tech? If you can, check in and let us know you’re ok…

Wow I saw the title and thought it must be a zombie thread. :frowning:

Nope, just watching it on CNN.

Me too, Moon. WTF, Virginia?

Virginia Tech is confirming that a second person was killed. The school is on lockdown, so if there are any Dopers there, I’m not sure they’d have the opportunity to post. It sounds like this began with a traffic stop.

Me too.

That’s what I thought, too.

Just saw one of the Front-Pagers posted this over at Balloon Juice and my first thought was “AGAIN?!” That school can’t catch a break.

I don’t know how accurate this is, but a Reddit user is listening to the police scanner and posting some updates.

I saw it on the news and thought, “Again?”

Jesus fuck, me too. I wondered why of all the VT shooting threads, someone would bump one with so few responses. This is horrible all around. I believe it was just days ago that VT was fined for not responding properly to the last shooting.

Right before the holidays too :frowning: Do we know of any Dopers who specifically are at Virginia Tech? Either way, sending hopeful thoughts and prayers their way…

Thanks to whichever mod edited the title.

I’ve expanded the thread title.

Holy crap. Suspect still at large, two confirmed dead, including one campus police officer.

Know the campus well, I’m a Radford University grad, but used to head over to VT all the time, sending good thoughts.

Not again!

Let’s hope that this time it’s a very low body count. Like 1.

I think Captain Carrot, villa, Lord Il Palazzo… I’m still trying to check in old threads.

Body count seems to be 2 and the suspect is on the run with the campus being searched. Unfortunately the description matches just about every white male on campus as it’s not very specific. Couple of “surrenders to police” situations that were quickly resolved as they were not the suspect.

Seems to have started with a traffic stop, so not an insane suicide shooter, just a criminal who got caught by a traffic offense and managed to get the drop on the cop.

I guess the whole trope about domestic calls and traffic stops being the most dangerous isn’t wrong :frowning:

Here’s the original thread from April of 2007.

Some completely unofficial information just aired about the suspect description matching the description of a suspect in an armed robbery that took place yesterday at nearby Radford University. Complete conjecture, but might explain how a traffic stop could turn so dangerous.