Shooting at Virginia Tech [December 8, 2011]

Some students will have been enrolled at this school through two campus shooting events now (the upper years/continuing to grad school and the student-for-lifers). How fucked up is that?

The police are saying they believe the gunman is dead - I think they’re implying the body found in the parking lot was the shooter since a weapon was found near that body, but nobody has come out and said that from what I can see. The lockdown on the campus is over. However the state police are saying the shooter was not pulled over at a traffic stop. Confused yet?

I came to that hypothesis based on what is on now based on the fact that they say there is no active threat as well as that they found a weapon near the second body. Why would they claim that there is no active threat so soon after the incident unless they feel that they have identified the perpetrator and determined that they aren’t a threat?

I think the last thing they would do is take the campus off alert if they didn’t know where the shooter was.

I graduated the year after the last shootings. (God, it kills me to have to put the word “last” in that sentence.) I don’t know about either of the other two, but I’m almost certain both are Hokies.

I’m at work and my computer isn’t working well (for some infuriating reason) with most news websites I’ve tried. I dread to ask, but have any names been released?

I recently read a book, written by the (former) head of Virginia Tech’s Mental-Health Counseling Services dept., and according to her, the administration at VA. Tech handled virtually every aspect of the 2007 massacre in the most self-serving, ass backwards way possible, and the President of the University flat-out lied, under oath, several times in the subsequent investigation.

Hope that the current administration is more forthcoming and interested in telling the truth.

What was the book’s title? I’d be curious to take a look.

“No Right To Remain Silent—The Tragedy At Virginia Tech” by Lucinda Roy.

I was mistaken in my initial post; Ms. Roy was the chair of the English Dept., where she got personally involved with shooter Seung Hui Cho after he wrote several essays for English classes detailing scenes of rape and murder of fellow classmates and members of faculty.

Lucinda Roy took it upon herself to privately tutor Cho (after he was kicked out of his English class for threatening his instructor) and encourage him to get help at the campus Counseling Center, who along with others, dropped the ball and overlooked Cho’s obvious warning signs.

(I got this book at a local Dollar store, and it’s got good insight at how a University bureaucracy really failed an entire community)

Thanks. A sample chapter is on its way to my Kindle now as I try to figure out where I can pick the book up cheap and easy.

Truth be told, I’ve never been able to formulate a really cohesive opinion about whether the university took “too long” to alert students given the circumstances. I guess maybe I was too caught up in the events at the time to really trust myself to see any of it objectively. This should make for an enlightening read.

My friend said today that her boyfriend went to Virginia Tech and all of his friends seem to be drug addicts or losers if they didn’t make it out there in proper time. What is it with that school?

The chilly thing is that she commented on this before the shooting.

I have a good friend from high school who went there, got an engineering degree, and went on to earn a law degree and an MBA. He lives like a king in the Virgin Islands.

His friend, Dell Curry, and his wife went there as well. Dell played in the NBA for 16 years, and his son Stephan is in the NBA right now and a budding star. His other son is at Duke University on a basketball scholarship.

Dueling anecdotes!

Apparently the officer had pulled someone over, but then another passer-by shot him during the stop.

I live in nearby Radford; I don’t know if this has been mentioned on the national news, but the day before the shooting a car was stolen in Radford. There was early speculation yesterday afternoon that the two events were connected, and now there’s even stronger speculation that the shooter was actually the car thief.

For a little prespective, other Virginia schools have shootings too but they don’t get any publicity. Of course, that is partly because fo the terrible shooting there before but also because VT is one of those “out in the county” kind of schools where parents send their kids to be safe.

Most of my son’s friends at ODU have been held up at gun-point at least once and the local police aren’t that interested, much less the national news.

I bet you can google almost any school in America and find similar stories.

shiftless - that article doesn’t really support what you’re saying. There’s a difference between a shooting of a single person at night after going to bars in a neighbourhood near, but not on, campus and a shooting that happens during the day, on campus, targeting students or staff while thousands of other students are sitting ducks in a classroom.

The first is violent gun crime. The second is a school shooting.

It doesn’t make the first any less tragic, and it’s a shame that police don’t seem to want to do more for ODU student safety in that nearby neighbourhood, but it’s not like ODU can do much other than warn their students to be careful when they go out at night. Spreading the information that there’s a violent offender who shot someone in the face is useful, because it warns people about the type of neighbourhood they are living/partying in, but it’s about all the school can do.

Sadly, there’s no national attention on the poor student that got shot because, in the USA, it’s relatively common to have violent crimes committed with guns and to have individuals get shot. Heck, even up here in gun-control Canada, there’s rarely national attention for shootings inside the major cities, unless it’s a brazen daylight thing in a mall or some other unusual circumstance.

School shootings are different, because as I said earlier, it’s the sitting-duck aspect and targeting of school personnel that makes it more frightening. In this case, the “school shooting” is actually more of a “violent crime/shooting of an individual” in terms of facts available, but the national spotlight is on it because it was at Virginia Tech. Had it happened elsewhere, there may be less focus on it, though on-campus daytime shootings are always pretty big news stories.

Shooter not a student, just some dude.

Local law enforcement has reported that these facts are known:

The second person deceased on the campus died from a self inflicted gunshot, and the weapon found at the scene is a ballistic match to the weapon that killed the officer.

The shooter “almost certainly” was the suspect in a car theft that occurred in nearby Radford VA. A Mercedes SUV was stolen at gunpoint from a car rental agency, the car was recovered at the scene of the shooting on the VT campus.

Shooter had no ID, and still has not been identified.

No connection between the officer killed and the suspect has been determined.

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