Actor Peter Weller (Robocop etc) is a very accomplished individual!

Wow! I had no idea. Actor, musician, professor.

He was quite creepy and frightening on *Dexter *last season.

There are several threads with titles like “Which celebrities have graduate degrees?” or “Who’s the smartest celebrity?” Weller gets mentioned in some of them.

The actor of Robocop 2? Ah, where’s PSX when you need him?

He’s tired as heck of the whole internet making fun of him while he watches Robocop 2(the movie Irvin Kirschner is famous for) on laserdisc with his friend.

Yeah, he’s got chops as a musician - Jeff Goldblum and Clint Eastwood play great piano, too.

I see him on various Science/Discovery type shows that my son watches where he discusses ancient Rome…

Engineering An Empire. A really great series.

I always liked Weller and wish he’d get more substantial roles. A particular favorite is his William Burroughs surrogate character William Lee in the film of Naked Lunch.

I have only watched Robocop and Robocop 2 on VHS (I got them both from the library) with a friend (not the friend so famous here) and I liked Robocop much better.

We love that series.

Not only is Peter Weller an accomplished actor, musician, lit professor and brain surgeon, he also (reportedly) once beat up Chuck Norris in a no-holds-barred cage match.

Wherever he goes, there he is.

He’s gotta get really tired of that.

I love Buckaroo Bonzai as much as the next guy (“Perfect Tommy, give her your jacket” “Why me?” “Because you’re Perfect” “You do have a point”) but I would not want to live of life having catchphrases and cool quotes thrown at me…

He did a nice job in a guest appearance as a xenophobic politico on Star Trek: Enterprise a few years ago, too:

Thank you and i love you, you just made a really shitty day somewhat more tolerable.

Good reminder. I went online and reserved the series at the public library. It is also available on Netflix. If you like the series, I’d suggest L. Sprague De Camp’s book, The Ancient Engineers. It is one of my favorite non-fiction books.