actors/actress who have disappeared from the face of earth ?

he actress that comes to my mind is Suzanna Love.

She was never a big star but she was perhaps considered to be some kind of video-queen back in the 1980’s. She played in several horror movies (the boogeyman, Olivia, Devonsville terror) directed by Ulli Lommel, and was also married with him.

I find nothing about her after 1991

Raymond Allen. Played the Aunt Esther’s hapless drunken husband Woody in “Sanford and Son.”

Bill McLean. A recognizable face who was in tons of bit roles, playing small, mousey, comical characters. (I mostly remember him as Les Nessmans long-lost barber father in an ep of “WKRP.”)

Maren Jensen. “Battlestar Galactica” babe.

Bambi Woods. Widely reported to have have ODed in 1986. Not confirmed or corroborated.

Amos Reese. Frequent authority figure in the 1950s “Amos ‘n’ Andy” series. I think he probably died in 1979 (California Death Index). But there’s absolutely no biographical info on him anywhere.

Ernest ‘Skillet’ Mayhand. Another “Sanford and Son” alumnus. He and Leroy Daniels (supposedly, the real-life inspiration of Red Foley’s song "Chattanooga Shoe-Shine Boy) performed as “Leroy and Skillet.” Daniels died some years ago. Who knows about Mayhand?

If I think of more, I’ll add.

… Well, he is in the IMDB, but he’s not best known as an actor: Harold Holt

(And he also azppears as a character in The Last Bastion and Vietnam)

But perhaps that kind of disapparance is a bit more than you were thinking of.

Joe Pesci hasn’t done thing since 1998, although according to the IMDB, he hs something commig out this year.

Chris Tucker- no movies since Rush Hour 3.

Amy Locane kinda disappered after Blue Sky, School Ties & Airheads.

Charmian Carr.

Had one TV movie and one real movie back in 65/66. No one remembers the TV movie, but she will be forever remembered as Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

Also Nell Potts (Paul Newman’s daughter) one great movie role (Effect of Gamma Rays…) then nothing.

Judith O’Dea has been pretty much MIA since Night of the Living Dead.

Bettie, Bettie, where can you be?

Jan Smithers, gol dangit.

Steven Rogers. Played “Doc” in the first season of “Combat,” then he was in a couple of ski and sand movies.

Then. . . . nothing.

Melonie Haller. Played an associate Sweathog on the last season of “Welcome Back, Kotter.” That was it, although she apparently married some photographer or artist.

And her blonde Galactica counterpart Laurette Spang.

I saw a neat documentary called Something to Scream About that featured an interview with Judith O’Dea. She is now a bright, middle-aged, businesslike lady, but she obviously has fond memories of her brief turn as a “scream queen.” She has a website and a blog.

Yeah, his prostate.

bDOOM kssh
I was curious about Jane Badler and discovered that V might come back.

I ain’t seen the likes of you in Hustler Magazine!

A BR5-49 reference, and about Bettie Page no less. Well played. Have you seen the recent photos (from the last year or so) of Bettie at a Playboy Mansion party? There was one of her with Hef, and another of her in between Pamela Anderson (who looks awed) and Anna Nicole Smith (who looks dazed). She has aged, but still has that radiant smile.

The ultimate trivia answer, Klinton Spillsbury.

Exactly one credit, a starring role, and never heard from again. In this case, they did pull the mask from the ol’ Lone Ranger.

There…was a third one?

Oops I meant since Rush Hour 2, probably nothing until Rush Hour 3 materializes :smack:

The kid from the original Willy Wonka. That was his only film role, now he’s a veterinarian in upstate New York.

I thought that might bring a BR5-49 fan out of the woodwork. :cool:

And no, I haven’t seen any recent photos of Bettie. Last I heard, she was living in Florida and refusing photographs because she wanted people to remember her the way she was. I gather that has changed?

Yanno, for whatever reasons, this woman popped into my head the other day and made me wonder, “Whatever happened to Maren Jensen?”

Yes, I knew her actual name. Can’t remember what her characters name was.

I have no idea why I suddenly thought of her after 25+ years.
She will probably die of an overdose/car accident/nuclear explosion now because this would be how things work.
Whatever happened to Lauren Tewes and Captain Stubing?