Actors who have played God

Road Lawyers and Other Briefs has a scene with all three. Unfortunately, imdb’s entry doesn’t list the actors.

Jim Backus. I had the record.

Charlton Heston also played an uncredited God in Paul Hogan’s Almost an Angel
In the Old Days, the movies were afraid of offending people, and either didn’t say who played God or didn’t even show God or let you hear him – you dealt with a lot of Heavenly intermediaries. So when The Ten Commandments came out, they wouldn’t say whose voice was God’s. The iMDB credits Dennis Hayne, not Charlton Heston, with being the Voice of God in The Ten Commandments

And Nobody is the Voice of God in The Next Voice You Hear

Here’s a listing for God from the iMDB:

In my extremely limited film experience, it’s the directors who try to play God…

In opera, there’s only one example I can think of, and that’s in Arnold Schoenberg’s “Mose und Aaron” - the voice of God is to be sung by six solo singers. Schoenberg was quite concerned about the idea of one singer being God, but he needed some means of having the burning bush ‘speak’. Six singers seemed to him to be the way to get around the impiety of having humans as the voice of God.

:dubious: That’s the director’s job!

Ronald Reagan in the White House.

Just to clarify, the “Voice of God” is never heard in The Next Voice You Hear. People are always tuning in their radios just after God’s fireside chats, and we hear instead some announcer reading a transcription.

Actually, it credits Dennis Hayne with being the voice of “God (Pillar of Fire)”, not the voice of God from the burning bush to which I referred earlier, or the voice heard on Mount Sinai.

Don’t forget Bill Cosby.

Now I remember, Marianne Faithfull played God on an ep of Absolutely Fabulous. It was genius casting for that show.

But it also doesn’t credit Heston with being the Voice of God on any of its pages.

Reagan was more than God. Not even God could stop communism…


Faster than a speeding dialectic, more powerful than a manifesto, able to leap tall collectives in a single bound, it’s Superron!

Look, up in the sky! It’s a chimp! It’s a ham! No, it’s… uh… where am I? Nancy?

Will Smith in The Legend of Bagger Vance is supposed to be God.

He also was God in Bruce Almighty. And he was The President in Deep Impact.

I always felt Audrey Hepburn was playing God in her final film, Always with Richard Dryfess and Holly Hunter. Her character’s name was “Hap” but she had that air of omnicience that was so Godlike.

And that barbering scene with Dryfess in the middle of a burnt out forest and her in all white. That was just brilliant.