Actors who have played God

Evan Almighty is on in the background here, with Morgan Freeman as God. Got me thinking, what other actors have played God? Not various gods ala Lawrence Olivier in Clash of the Titans, but the one Big Guy. I thought of George Burns in Oh God!, and Alanis Morissette in Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Can anyone think of any others?

You took the two I knew, GB & AM.

Trey Parker voiced God in South Park. And thats all I got.

Ralph Richardson in Time Bandits is the first one that comes to mind.

Eric Dearborn in Bedazzled. Probably someone in the original Bedazzled, too.

Oh, here ya go.

Jose Perez in Steambath. He reprised the role in a TV series version.

Groucho Marx in Skidoo (well, that was the character’s name).

Graham Chapman in The Holy Grail

Harry Shearer in The Simpsons

I first thought of Greg Kinnear in Dear God,though he wasn’t really god in the movie(just answered letters to god),so I guess he doesn’t qualify.

In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, George Murdock played the God who needed a starship.

My favorite depiction of the Almighty was voiced by James Garner in God, the Devil and Bob.

Donald Hayne played God in The Ten Commandments. OK, so he was all FX. He did the voice.

Who did the voice of God in “The Most Adequate Christmas Ever” episode of American Dad?

Cher on Will and Grace.

Bud Cort played God earlier in Dogma. He transformed into Morissette for the final minutes of the film.

God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit?

How apt for today!

Today being … what?

The feast of the Holy Trinity.

John Huston played the voice of God and, strangely, Noah in The Bible, thus making Noah basically listen to himself when getting instructions on the Ark. In the same movie the mysterious visitors to Abraham were played by Peter O’Toole, one of whom was God.

To simplify this, let’s limit it to plain ol’ God, or God the Father.

And I offer several eps of the old Catholic “Twilight Zone”-ish show INSIGHT in which Martin Sheen played God, William Windom played the Father in an ep called “Jesus B.C.” in which James Cromwell played an angel and a black lady played the Holy Spirit. I think Tim Matheson played the Son.

Harry Shearer has often bragged that his acting resume includes God, the Devil and Hitler.

The IMDB lists Tony Curtis, Faye Dunaway, Rodney Dangerfield, Marianne Faithfull and Billy Dee Williams among others.

Charlton Heston and Val Kilmer did something similar in The Ten Commandmenst and The Prince of Egypt, respectively, providing voices for Moses and God (speaking through the burning bush).