Actors who will stand the test of time

In the latest issue of Newsweek there is an article wherein the author speculates on which actors/actresses and which of their movies people will be watching 50, 70 years from now. We still watch Clark Gable; will people still be watching [ugh] Tom Cruise.

Anyway, in the article the author [sorry I don’t have the name] rates how many movies a mega star has made which are in his terms “lasting”. [“Top Gun”? “Risky Business”?]. To get to the point, he rates Cruise high with 8 lasting films, Nicole Kidman low with only one film that will stand the test of time. (“Moulin Rouge”).

He ends the article by finding that of our current actors Nick Cage will Stand The Test of Time best because he’s starred in the most movies that will last!!! Aargh. The logic’s, um, ok, I guess, but I just don’t like his conclusions.

Any comments, film buffs?

When I read the title, my first thought was Harrison Ford.

There was a thread dealing with this a while ago:

I especially liked the categories:

How old are the actors allow to be?
Tom Hanks will lead the Pack.
Pacino & Nicholson
I think Jodie Foster will last longer than any other actress of this time.
I hope that many years later people will realize the genius of John Cusack, I think he is the most underrated actor of this time.

Harrison Ford is a good pick; He will be this generation’s swashbuckler equivalent.

Sean Connery should have staying power as should Clint. Both have really strong presences.

As really well remembered Character actors: Think Peter Lorre
DeNiro & Christopher Walken will be remembered.

I hope Cruise & Keanu will be thankfully forgotten. :slight_smile:

I’m a category! I’m so proud . . .

Robert Duvall, who I think also falls into the underrated category and has had starring or major supporting roles in quite a few very good films

I think Gary Oldman and Edward Norton will probably fall into this category, too.

I don’t think Duvall is underrated at all. The guy is already a legend. Hell, that was probably sealed up when he did The Godfather. Don’t even get me started on Apocolypse Now.

You have to preface any name with the phrase “There will never be another. . .”

That’s a pretty short list. Nicholson, Eastwood, maybe Connery, Hoffman and Hanks.

And looking at the list of underrated, I have to add Jack Lemmon.

And Gene Hackman.

Woody Allen seems pretty obvious for the A list.
Meryl Streep probably makes it, too.

Bruce Willis will probably be on the B list.

Outstanding Actor who picked good scripts: Russell Crowe.

Underrated actress: Laura Linney

there should be a category for worst actor with best agent (ala keanu…)

i think gary oldman (someone said) is probably one of the best actors of our time - what other white actor would accept the role of a black pimp named drexel over the phone without even reading the script?

And, (drumroll), Bugs Bunny!

Keven Spacey hold a place in my heart

Steve Buscemi will probably be remembered in much the same way as Peter Lorre.

Jeff Bridges will probably get some respect in the future as well.

I dunno…maybe in the public eye. But she’s garnered a couple of Oscar nods, so at least some of her peers recognize her.

But she’s also drop-dead gorgeous.

…And only then, I think, being carried by Ewan.

Like it or not, I think Jim Carrey has made enough of a mark to be remembered for a while.

In the ‘Superstar’ category you can add Robert DeNiro, and probably Al Pacino, although I’d personally move Pacino down a category.

I don’t know if there’s an age limit, but the actor still working who will be remembered longest and mourned the most when he dies is probably Paul Newman. Robert Redford isn’t quite in that class.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Johnny Depp yet. I think he’s the most talented, versatile actor in his age group and will stand the test of time.