Actors you'd like to see together

What actors would you like to see in something together and why?

I’d like to see actors together that have similar looks or personalities. I’d love to see Joshua Jackson play George Clooney’s son or a younger version of him.

The main girl in Vampire Diaries reminds me of Shiri something from Roswell, it’d be fun to see them played as related. Some kind of Roswell actor reunion could be fun too. Heigl has Grey’s and Shiri has a new show, and of course Claire on Lost. Fraser has the occasional guest spot on Bones. I don’t think the other guy is in anything. Probably Grey’s would be best- maybe friends from Izzie’s hometown.

OTOH I was really looking forward to seeing the two Deschanels together on Bones, but they didn’t really do much with it. Maybe we can recount our 'finally together" but disappointed or was great stories too.

A comedy series called “Jeri & Jenna” about two sisters, one serious & one quirky, starring Jeri Ryan and Jenna Elfman.

When I first read King’s “Rose Madder” I wished I could have bought the film rights and signed Demi Moore & Bruce Willis (then together) as Rose & Norman. Later I added Ashton Kurshner as Bill.

Now they are geeting too old for the roles.

I want to see Andy Samberg and Dylan Christopher play brothers in something. And for Charlie Cox to play Robert Sean Leonard’s son (compare Stardust to Dead Poets Society but don’t dwell on the eyebrows). And speaking of Shiri Appleby from Rosewell, I’d give her Ariel Gade as a TV/Movie daughter.

As for why, the answer to all three pairings is that they look more similar than most TV/Movie kin do.

I think it’s a given that at some point, Javier Barden, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert Downey, Jr. have to do something together in which they play brothers, or at least in which Bardem and Morgan are full brothers and Downey is maybe the surprise!half-sibling who turns up (and hijinks ensue!).

I’d also love to see Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, aka younger and elder Kirk from this summer’s Star Trek movie, do something else together. Perhaps with the younger Hemsworth brother Liam. The resemblance there is also really phenomenal when they’re side by side.

Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart. I don’t care what they do, they can just sit around and drink beers and talk on camera for all I care. It would be awesome.

Sean Bean in a new feature-length Sharpe with Eric Cantona as a member of the French Aristocracy fighting against Napoleon. He and Sharpe form an unlikely, and totally badass, friendship.

Yep, I would definitely pay to see that.