Acura Integra *please help car enthusiasts*

Subject: Car Audio
In the rear of a 99 Integra 3-door hatchback GS, the speaker grill fronts like there is a 6x9 behind it, but really it’s a pathetic 6.5" surrounded by foam. What’s up with this? Perhaps people remove the foam and stick a 6x9 in. Will it fit or do I need some sort of harness or custom basket? :confused: Boost me the 411. Thank you. if u want to respond via email. thanx!

you should check out some of the honda/acura forums online. there’s a bigger population of car enthusiasts there and more likely to be able to answer your question. just do a search on google for honda or acura forum

I would guess that it would fit, though I know very little about car audio. So many people put aftermarket audio systems into Integras, and Honda in general makes things very standardized and easy to modify. If you ask in a local car audio shop, I’m sure they’ll know offhand, if there are any teenagers at all in your town.