AD&D Help: Genasi PrC

So, I’ve come to this connundrum. I’m in a dungeons and dragons game set in the ‘Masque of the Red Death’ universe (think 1900’s horror / pulp), playing an air genasi sorceror who has recently learned of his herritage (son of a djinn prince). The party has come to the point where folks are doing prestige classes, and I’m looking for something suitable for a half-djin-type. What I’m thinking is something -like- a dragon disciple, but more … djin-y?
As I don’t have many of the books, but I know people who do, I’m open to suggestions as to what I might want to look at. Any advice would be appreciated.

There’s a PrC in complete arcane for wizards focusing on a specific kind of elemental magic. Also, there are a few prestige classes for Raptorans in races of the wild that focus on being the favored of the primal forces of elemental air. I imagine that one of them could be adapted for your use fairly easily, DM permission allowing.

#1 The Dragon Disciple sucks and appeals only to a very weird class set.

#2 Either use one of the hundreds of god-awful elementalist PrC’s or adapt the Dragon Disciple by swapping out abilities for something like a Djinn’s.