Ad links discussed previously

There was a discussion about a type of ad that is annoying some people, but I’ve been away and can’t find it. The scheme is this: random words in an article will be hotlinked. A casual reader may click on the link to get more information, only to find out it’s an ad that has nothing to do with the article. I think that an ad pops up on mouseover.

A friend wants to try it out. What are the details, and where do you get it?

Sorry, Johnny, I don’t have a link handy, but I usually see them in “news” stories. But they are as you describe; there is a hyperlink that looks like it would take you to a related story, but it’s an ad instead.

Kontera is one company engaging in this horseshit

They are called contextual link ads, and when I Googled I couldn’t actually separate companies offering the service from people spamming.