Flashing ads?

I’ve been out of town and offline since last Thursday – what’s with these ugly freaking flashing ads at the bottoms of threads?

See here.

I saw that, but didn’t think that was it, since I’m signed in (obviously, since I can post).

Ah. Well, can’t help you there. Malware, perhaps? I’ve just got the normal Google ads (which, 90% of the time, is for “Bushism Ringtones” which is irritating in itself).

Yeah, my machine is acting up – time to take my ex out for Mexican…

You know, I’ve been mighty curious about that. These ads are supposed to be context-based, right? Yet those Bushism Ringtone ads show up at the bottoms of pages that have nothing whatsoever to do with politics and don’t contain any obvious trigger words like Bush, president, Clinton, ringtone, cellphone, download, politics, or snotbucket. Why do we rate so highly on the context for this particular ad?

I’d guess the people paying for the Ad specify a few keywords that cause their Ad to appear. While most pick relevant and sensible keywords some just want their Ad to appear to loads of different people regardless.

That’s my WAG.

Mexican what!? :eek: :wink: