Adam's away-from-home diary

aight; just wanted you all to know that I made it to Evansville, Indiana fine and without hassle the other day. Although, i WAS questioned as to why I hada leatherman.-my response. “you never know when you might have a stray nose hair that needs a-plucking; or a hang-nail that needs a-cutting.” he laughed, and let me on my way.

I went cruisin’ for bittie’s with my cousin(Gene), on Sunday night, (24, and looks A LOT like me) in his tricked-out '93 Camaro. great weather.

Monday, got bored. played Sega dreamcast and Playstation all day.

Today. hung around the house as it was raining all day. Gene came home around 2:15 from work, and we played some Dreamcast (Ultimate Fighting Championship). I won, 6-3. we went upstairs where my 1 year old great niece was. She’s 1. my mom was keeping her occupied and asked us what we got everyone for Valentine’s day. we looked at each other, and uttered an “Oh shit…” I ran did my hair, he ran and shaved really quick. we hopped into his Blazer (named Tribble B) and ran to Factory Card Outlet . Saver of Valentine’s days. got 4 cards for under 5 bucks total. Came home, and here I am. I should be club-hoppin’ either Sat or Fri night, and spending time with my 18 year old cousin Dawn. she’s got hot friends.

I’ll keep you posted. Bye-bye!