Addictive Planarity Puzzle Game

Here’s an addictive and unique puzzle game I found today that I’d like to share:

Planarity Game
So far, I’ve beat level ten. Time to attempt level 11…

Okay, that’s addictive. :slight_smile:

2552 after level 5, moving on…

Level 10, 94446 points. My hand is going numb from clicking and dragging. Unfortunately I have to stop because it’s time to go home. Very addictive.

We’ve been discussing an algorithm for this here.

I’m about to start level 8, trial and error is really increasing my time and killing my score. 10 minutes for 6, 12 for 7. Only 10,759 thru 7 levels.

Dang, drug one down and hit the “Shuffle”…man, man.

Why am I so bad at this? I have to come back when I’m less tired; I* know* I can do better.

I was thinking level 8 was a serious pain in the ass, and then level 9 came up.

22322 points so far.

I even did a search on “planarity” first before I posted; but I missed that thread. I was just thinking about it as a game (though hoping some discussion about the math might come about) so didn’t think to look in General Questions. Thanks for the link–interesting read.
I’ve made it through level 12 now, score is 401645. I tend to leave it unattended for long periods, so the time bonus isn’t very good.

I got to level three but I still haven’t found Mars.

Level 7
Time 12:02
Bonus: 5678
Score: 10,849
Damn you for showing me this.
Going back in…

I didn’t understand the instructions at first - arrange the vertices so no edges overlap? They’re all connected - there aren’t any edges. What the heck does that mean? Got level five finished now, anyway. It’s an interesting exercise - you basically have to see the connections in 3-D and unravel the knots in the yard to make it one long loop.