Addidas/Foot Locker Commercial with Building Jumper

There is a commercial out right now for either Addidas or maybe footlocker or something. Something shoe related, anyway. It has a guy walking around the city carrying a whole bunch of people on his back, looking like a huge human cotton candy stick.
Throughout the commercial people are climbing up on him and jumping on him and stuff.

Then there’s this one part where a guy does a swan dive off a high rise!! Am I the only one who found this a little odd? I am really suprised that no one has been disturbed by this commercial. Even the exterior of the building he leaps from is very similar in architectural style as the WTC. (hard to describe) It has the vertical concrete pilings around the windows. It looked eerily similar. And this guy is doing a swan dive off the building onto the human mass below.

If I was some sensitive old lady, or if perhaps I had close personal/emotional ties to the WTC, I think this commercial would really, really bother me.

I’m just curious if anyone else saw a connection?

Saw the commercial, the thought never crossed my mind.

Not getting many replies. Did you guys not see the commercial? Or not notice the similarity?

Telemark, let me know what you think after you’ve seen it again.

I’ve seen the commercial a million times. That’s Kevin Garnett, a basketball player from the Timberwolves who is known for carrying the team on his back. I didn’t make the connection with the WTC, and this is from a person that watched people jump out of the wtc from my office a few blocks away.

The commercial sacrificed all meaning when the message seemed to be, “Wear our shoes and you, too, can carry 147 people on your back!”

It may be tacky, but even more important than that, it’s stupid.

Is it just me and my ADD or when you see a comercial like this you remember it cause the special effect was kind of cool but when someone later asks you what they were selling or what company it was for you have absolutely no clue.
How is that effective advertising?
Same with a lot of beer commercials. Cool/funny commercial I have to tell my friends about, no clue as to what beer it was for.

I found it a little disconcerting, simply because the effect seemed so real.

Makes you wonder how they did it.

Doesn’t the guy jump from the roof of a building that’s only 2 stories high or something? There was nothing “twin towers” about it that jumped out at me.