Adding audio to a video. (Need help fast!)

I am working on a project for work where I need to make some video’s for an internal website that walk people through certain tasks.

My speaking voice is not that great and I had a coworker record audio that I am going to break up and put in the video.

I need a program that is easy to use because I need to present this TOMORROW!

I’d just drive it in front of the camera.

Window Movie Maker (or whatever it’s called now) works fine. Drag and drop the audio tracks along side the video.

I meant AUDIO not Auto DOH!

Will it allow me to “assign” sound bites to certain parts of the video or do I need to insert periods of silence into the audio file?

Yet Another Computer Query Where The OS Is Not Given. (YACQW…)

I could see this when MS had 96% of the market, but with Apple’s rebound and Android, etc., what the ???

Sorry Windows 10 is the platform. I tried Virtual Dub but the sound is not playing

Well, if you’re in .avi world, may I suggest Avidemux (Muxing/demuxing is the process of adding/separating audio and video.)

A general guide with how-tos and ratings for AV software is available at VideoHelp

I think so allows you to drop sound bites where ever you want, but I’d have to check at home tonight.

Consider it fixed.