Admins, pls, can we just delete all the pejorative threads about TD?

Really I mean for the love of Og I am so sick of even seeing these thread tittles.

Isn’t it time we moved on.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of censorship but Jeez…

But TB is a terrible thing! You can never have too many threads about the evilness of TB.


:smack: mods could you fix my thread tittle please I meant TD as in Tubadiva…

The answer is, we leave them up until the topic is so exhausted we figure everyone’s had their say and we think we won’t get cries of “censorship” and an immediate new thread on the topic. When we feel this point has been reached we will probably lock the threads. (We rarely delete threads. just lock them–censorship issues again.) In the meantime, I’m afraid you’ll just have to ignore the threads.

All fixed, SHAKES.


So how many people have to complain before TubaDiva steps down? o_O

Take it to the Pit, HG. There you have your choice of Tuba bashing threads.

You again?

One. That one being, of course, Ed Zotti.