You are wrong TubaDiva

That happened 8 months ago! We got over it then, and so should you.

I’ve greeted her on several threads, one of the few to respond to her trip thread, in fact. And greeted her on the return.

And I don’t like being accused in public of something I didn’t do, and then told to defend myself in private.

You could have reached me by email you know, instead of embarassing me this way. You’ve done it before, and I thought we were all one big happy family.

[comes downstairs from nap]
[goes to computer]
[loads up SDMB]
[looks in ATMB]


[rushes to kitchen cabinet]
[grabs pot lid]
[slams pot lid down on ATMB grease fire good and tight]


[trudges upstairs]
[removes batteries from hysterically screaming smoke alarm]
[trudges back downstairs to computer]

Geez, I go upstairs to take a nap and look what happens. :smiley:

Hey, I’m cool with this, OK, Tuba? And Anna, too. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a bit of holiday weekend give-and-take, back-and-forth, everything’s fine, Happy New Year and all, okay? :cool:

Sorry the other thread’s already locked or I’d have posted an “I’m cool with this” over there, too.

Now I strongly suggest that THIS thread be locked quick like a bunny before the Forces of Chaos decide to start holding their usual Stinky Fart Contest in here. :rolleyes:


And no, I’m not gonna give anybody a link. Go away with your Stinky Farts. Go to the Pit, that’s where they belong.

I agree with the OP! I agree with the OP!

And, um, just now is actually the first time I’ve ever even looked at the “Highest Posters” thread, being, how can I put this, totally uninterested in how my posting penis might measure up against others. So that poor little thread has been sitting there all this time, lost and alone, without DDG’s presence. So sad.

So, I came in second, huh? Should I be more upset? :smiley:

DDG is my heroine!!!

:::: sigh :::::::

Yes, it took years of training, and a summer of independent study in Tibet, but I finally learned how to get the battery out of the smoke alarm.

This semester I begin my coursework to learn how to get it back in.

Oh, really? Perhaps your memory is failing. Over time you’ve laid down a fairly unsavory track record for snipes, complaints and gritching.

Need a refresher?
"Sometimes the mods are reticent and sometimes voluable when they ban someone. It’s not a policy as much as a whim, so don’t try to read too much into it. "
“The one I used to cringe at, but now laugh at, is the assertion that someone must have done something terrible to be banned. I did a few things, but I’m pretty sure some of the others were just standing in the crossfire with a low post count. But I no longer grieve for them. While I made amends to get back, I’m sure now the pattern is just to start fresh. (Hmmm…)”
“Actually, this thread was supposed to be ironic, because I was always being linked to trolls by the Troll Patrol. They seem to have gotten off my case lately, but I’m sure they will return and I wanted to make tham agree with me if they did. The Troll Patrol hates to agree with people, and if you disagree with them, you’re in a list that looks like this: chiungtung/water/tshirts. When you see things like that, you know a Troll Buster is talking.”

This is just a sampling. You’ve posted a lot of good, thoughtful stuff but that doesn’t give you a free pass on the “gotcha” tactics you employ. This sure wasn’t your first little “incident”, so your wounded self-righteousness doesn’t cut it. You’re as innocent as driven slush.


None of those sound like complaints about mods, just the troll hunting.
Since that’s now banned, the mods are now in agreement with her.
And she said some nice things about TubaDiva when other people got steamed, to calm them down.

And on this occasion, it looks like she was drawing DDG’s attention to something that involved her, that DDG had come in second in the contest.
That’s not a crime.

I’m with DDG. Time to close this thread. Nothing to see here but some misunderstandings.

You seem to have missed the point of the OP.
anna didn’t do anything on the thread that was closed. She didn’t even ask for the Membership button to be renewed. She just was kidding with DDG, who had been kidding around herself first.

The threads you list, besides being 6 months old, are being quoted way out of context.

In the first, she was defending the mods.

The second she says you don’t have to do anything terrible to be banned, and today Lynn said peace was banned for using the f-word. Like about a thousand other people?

The one from back in May was saying that people should not put troll hunts over all the forums and to email the mods. That’s the policy now.

This business of having to walk on eggshells and keep defending yourself from out-of-context quoting 6 months later is … well, unnecessary.

Considering the sort of things that arise from “just kidding” with people, I don’t blame Tuba for getting a tad antsy.

After all, if you had to deal with every single flame war resulting from an innocent joke, you’d prefer the ounce over the pound too, right? So take a deep ol’ breath, everyone and get back into MPSIMS!!!

[takes a deep ol’ breath, per Spoofe’s instructions]
[gags on odor of methane]
[beats hasty retreat to MPSIMS]

Ummmmm, no, I most certainly did NOT say that, because it isn’t true. peace was banned because he got warned several times, in the same thread even, and simply disregarded the warnings, and in some cases actually defied the warnings. Since peace would not take heed of warnings, I banned him because of his pattern of behavior. I looked at a sample of his posts (I wasn’t about to look at every single post) and decided that he was not likely to heed warnings in the future, either.

I too thought it had been the f-word, when I’d read that thread before:
[rul=“”]So which words are allowed in which forums?

But now on re-reading I see that Lynn was agreeing with someone other than the OP.

I guess it’s easy to get confused when you skim.