Missing Threads

Hi Tuba and all.

Just to note a couple of missing threads for you:

In Great Debates: Time to Bow out Gracefully

And In the Pit: It’s a story of a guy named Fog-ey

The first was started by FriendofGod to announce he would be posting rarely if at all, having more or less accomplished what he came to SDMB to do. The second was a well-constructed parody flight-of-fancy by SqrlCub about FriendofGod.

The first vanished this morning, just after I had posted a response to Joe Cool’s comments in it; my post contained some coding problems, where quotes didn’t close and bolds were not turned off. The second apparently disappeared at something like the same time.

It is possible that FriendofGod asked they be deleted. It doesn’t sound like his “style” to do so, but it may be so. And Gaudere, whom I asked to fix my coding, may have sequestered the first thread in some way to work on it – I do not know the extent of the Awesome Powers of the Moderator ™.

But if neither is the case, you have a glitch to deal with.

Yeah, I know, just what you needed on a Friday. :slight_smile:

Glitch? Glitch is back?

I wish!!! :frowning:

Dammit, Uncle Beer! You knew what I meant. Keep that up, and the next get-together, you have to sleep with Montfort!

::: wanders away muttering, “Guess I told him!” :::

We’re investigating.

your humble TubaDiva


You wait one second, Poly!

I slept with John Corrado, dammit!

Get yer facts straight, son… :smiley:

Yer pal,

Four months, three weeks, two days, 22 hours, 57 minutes and 13 seconds.
5838 cigarettes not smoked, saving $729.78.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 2 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes.

I know that, Satan.

I also know, from John’s retelling, that Montfort was restless and tore the bed apart. So I wished him on Uncle Beer if he makes trouble. :slight_smile:

For the record, the next Doper I plan to sleep with has not been named in this thread. :wink:

Uh, Montfort, you post that and then a sig line that contradicts yourself? Right? :slight_smile:

Well, she hadn’t been mentioned yet, either in the thread, nor even in my message at that point.

And, I wanted to make it clear that it was not going to be UncleBeer. :slight_smile:

So (to avoid getting this thread kicked over to MPSIMS) what is the board policy on byplay in a thread advising of a problem, Tuba? :slight_smile:

Look around, Sport. Do you see any threads without byplay?

If your complaint about FriendofGod was so finely-tuned that it simply must be read, then just post it again and get on with your life.

Easy there, Mickey Rourke.


Biography for
Mickey Rourke

Birth name
Philip Andre Rourke Jr.
Date of birth (location)
16 September 1953,
Schenectady, New York, USA

Carré Otis (1992 - 1994) (divorced)
Debra Feuer (? - ?)


Studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Has at least seven tatoos including a tiger head with Chinese symbols on his left shoulder, a bulls skull on his right bicep, and the I.R.A symbol on hid left forearm.

(July 1994) Arrested by the LAPD and charged with spousal abuse.

Donated money to the I.R.A.

Is very popular in France.

Became a professional boxer in 1991.

Owns the Beverly Hot Springs spa in Bererly Hills.

Is a motorcycle enthusiast.

Kim Basinger onced called him “The Human Ashtray”.

Filmed a role in The Thin Red Line, that eventually got cut.

Retired from boxing in 1995.

Owns a gym in West Hollywood called Shapiro.

Has an older sister named Patty, a yonger half-brother named Joey, and six step-siblings.

August 1999 - Walked off the set of his current film Luck Of The Draw when the producers refused to let him include his pet chihuahua in the movie.

You may remember Mickey Rourke from a small cameo in *Body Heat **, or in the ensemble cast of Diner, but 2sense is probably making a pun on your name and his title role in Barfly.