Admit you like Shakira and Pink

From my numbers there three major “I’ve got blonde hair and watch me shake my ass” female singers out there right now. Looks like we’ve got B.S., Aguilara and Shakira hitting the air waves hard at the moment. There may be more but I don’t care because they probably don’t have as good an agent to get themselves in the spotlight. I’m not sure Pink falls into this group. She’s too old looking and she writes her owns stuff from what I understand. Correct me if I’m wrong about that.

I admit I like Pink’s song “Don’t let me get me”. I really do. She needs to find topics other than how dirty she is to sing about, that’s true. One way or the other, it’s a personal look at herself and it catches my attention.

But for the group of mouseketeers:
Without a doubt, Aguilara has the best voice. From the very start, and whether B.S. wants to admit it, A had B.S. in a head lock, no contest. But now both must deal with the popularity of Shakira. How much sexier can a singer get? She’s painfully sexy. I mean, a girl from battle-torn Columbia, of half Lebanese descent with a pretty voice second to Aguilara’s, a pretty smile and great at 'hip’nosis. How can anyone not want this girl to succeed? And she writes too. The only thing is, I don’t know what the **** she’s singing about with “underneath your clothes there’s an endless story…”. I’m sure she’ll straighten all that out soon enough.

I think we should lock them all in a room (Pink included) with lots of lingerie, leather, chocolate sauce, feather pillows, etc. In the end only one can emerge.

And it would all be captured on pay-per-view cable, of course.

You gotta like someone who writes ‘lucky that my breasts are small so you don’t mistake them for mountains’.

ShibbOleth- I would LOVE to be in that room.

I have to admit I like all of those artists mentioned above…

OH there music? No, don’t like it…

Hah! Shibb, that’s great. You dirty bird!

There’s a little love for Pink going on in my house. The boyfriend gets all jumpy and dancy whenever her songs come on. I think he secretly wants to buy the album. I’m tempted to get it for him as a surprise gift.

But then it would be playing on a continual loop, and it would drive me mad.

I’m not familiar with Shakira, so I can’t comment on her.

I can’t help liking “IIIIIIIIIIIMMMMM coming out so you better get this party started…”

Otherwise, Yucko to all.

I like Pink, especially “Don’t Let Me Get Me”.

I have a love/hate thing happening with Shakira. No, that indicates too much interest. More like/dislike. Time will tell which side wins out.

Shakira is smart. Her lyrics (and she writes her own!) read like an english major wrote them. English is her second language, she taught herself by reading american poets, which goes a long way towards explaining why she writes like a Eng Lit geek. Her lyrics tend to be self-depreciating, but not angry. Even when she’s complaining, she blames herself as much as anyone else, and it’s not whiny.

Oh, and she has a very strong middle-eastern influence in her music (from her father, IIRC), including arabic or farsi lyrics in some of her songs.

And she’s damned cute, besides.

I like Shakira.

Pink, I don’t follow as closely, but I have to admit that I like “Don’t Let Me Get Me” quite well.

Shakira also writes much of her own music. Lyrically I think her music is far superior to the other bubble-gum pop divas you mention in the OP. Several weeks ago someone posted a Shakira appreciation thread. If you’re interested you might want to search for it.

Shakira is so unbelievably sexy that every time she comes on the radio my girlfriend punches me in the arm. At least I think this is the reason. It can’t be the drooling. It can’t be.

Shakira I like. If the radio stations would play “Whenever, Wherever” as much as they played, say “Drops of Jupiter” (gag), I couldn’t get sick of it.

Pink…eh. I haven’t yet heard the song you guys are referring to, but given her role in the “Lady Marmalade” travesty and her song “I’m coming down, so you’d better get the party started” (was that a promise, or a threat?), I can’t work up too much enthusiasm about her.

I’m not much for the bubblegum genre, but I must admit that I like Pink, and admire her for what she sings about in “Don’t Let Me Get Me” – she tells it like it is. She seems to have a bit more maturity than the others, and has a legit voice besides.

Shakira – I honestly don’t know much about her, but given what other Dopers have posted, I’ll give her a listen…

As for B.S. and C.A. – :rolleyes:

I don’t like any of them. Give me Shania

Don’t like any of them. I’ve only seen one Shakira video and I was a little shocked at how bad it was. The song wasn’t very good, but the video was awful.

I’m sure Shakira might be a bright girl but her music is pretty mediocre, and I expect her career’s got a few years left at most. Pink, too. Christina Aguilera won’t last either, and I don’t think her voice is as good as people say it is.

They might all be nice people, but I think they’re soon-to-be-forgotten musical junk food.

if it weren’t for my never-ending subscription to “Rolling Stone” (i subscribed with a credit card and they keep renewing it automaticly!) i would never have heard of any of them. as it is, i can say i have never heard any of thier “music?”.

by the way, Pink is stunningly UNattractive in every photo i have ever seen of her. close you damn gob, you twit!

I hate Shakira because she is dating former presidential assesor of the former (3 presidents ago) argentinian president Frenando de la Duda. Not only that but she made him appear in one of his videos. That was rude.

Seeing as I almost never bother with videos, anyway, I gotta say… Eh.

Her voice is nice, her lyrics are smart, her tunes are danceable, and her album cover is hot. She’ll do, very nicely, thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so old I have no idea who Shakira is. Know who Pink is but she’s a little skanky for my taste.

I like Pink. I like Shakira ( even though her voice reminds me of sheep. Baaaaa). But then again, I like Pop. I even like some BSB, Nsync and Christina Aguilera.
Can’t say I’ve heard a Britney song that I like, though.

I like Pink’s latest record OK. I hear a lot of Prince influence in the songs. She had a weak voice and zero stage presence when she did SNL this year, which disappointed me.

The record I’m really pleasantly surprised with is Destiny’s Child - “Survivor.” I think I’m ready for that jelly.