AdMob - my Pending Earnings exceed total revenue

Last week I published my first app on the Android Market. Like many a noob I decided to include AdMob ads, ostensibly just to gain the experience but secretly hoping it would make my fortune. It won’t :(. I am also addicted, probably like plenty of other noobs I expect, to the AdMob reporting tool which I check far too frequently. It is a thrill to people actually using my app!

What is confusing is the reported Pending Earnings currently standing at a whopping $3.24, whereas my Total Revenue is a less whopping $2.98. Does anyone know how to account for that discrepancy?

Sounds like they take an 8% fee.

Surely that would make pending earnings less than revenue, not greater.


Pending means that it hasn’t cleared yet. When it does, your total revenue will be $6.22.

Nope. Pending in this context means that the money is waiting to be used, either by being transferred out or spent on my own AdMob advertising.

The answer to my OP turns out to be that there can be a significant lag between money being reported as pending and showing up as revenue. After a quiet night the revenue had caught up.