I saw my first advertisement here today

I’ve been a member since Aug 09 if I recall correctly. I’ve Firefox with adblock plus. I have seen the bold word advertisement and a blank space but today there was actually and ad in it. Some pretty pathetic stuff for sale. This ad did not contribute positively to the persona of the board like an ad in The New York might do.

I have adblock plus also, and that has happened to me a couple of times lately. I figured they must have been some kind of super-sneaky ads that snuck through.

I doubt you’re going to get much sympathy for this. Adblock takes away ad revenue from the site. And it’s not the job of the mods here to police adblock; that would be adblock’s job.

IT only impacts revenue if you are the type of person gullible enough to click on an Internet ad.

And, anyways, the grievance is that the ad is tacky. The staff won’t fix that, but that’s because there really are no non-tacky ad services out there that give even a tenth of the money the stupid ones do.

Subscribing members see no ads at all.

Could be the best $14.95 a year you ever spent. :slight_smile:

You may want to look into Hosts file based adblocking in addition to ABP. Belt and suspenders if you will. Google should turn up some stuff about it since I don’t want to annoy our hosts by going into detail here.

BigT was right on. The “…the grievance is that the [ads are] tacky…” I assume that TubaDiva was just trying to hawk a subscription. If one wants revenue then one should have ads we would pay to see, like The New Yorker, rather than ads some might pay to avoid.

Good luck with that - there are no ads that I want to see! I bought a subscription and I don’t have to worry if I am browsing the Dope on a computer without Ad Block. But, yeah, all my computers have Ad Block which does a good job, though some advertisers are getting sneaky on getting around it occasionally.

About the only way they could do that is if they came up with their own advertising service. The more legitimate companies know that annoying your potential customers doesn’t work, and have moved out of the current Internet ad business.

It’s also the reason why Tuba’s post was, obviously, a joke.