Adobe Acrobat: text is cut off in forms

I’m applying for a job at the local city library and their application is online in .pdf form. I have Adobe Acrobat Professional (if that’s the correct name) on my computer, and I’ve noticed that in two places the text is too long for the form and that it gets cut off. For example, in one place I have to put my current major, which is too long for the form, so it shows up as “Multimedia Writing and Techni” when the entire thing is “Multimedia Writing and Technical Communication”.

I’ve noticed in other .pdfs I’ve worked with, though, that in cases where this happens, the text resizes to fit all of the information. How can I get this .pdf to do that instead of cutting off what I’ve got?

It sounds like when you downloaded the form, your computer didn’t have the exact font and so replaced it with something that happens to be larger, and thus is bumping text off the page.

What happens when you make the font smaller?

I can’t seem to find out how to make the text smaller; it all seems to be fixed. The font is the normal font I usually see with .pdfs I open in Adobe Acrobat, it’s just set too large to fit within each form in the application.

Try this:

highlight the text you want to change, then right-mouse click and select “properties.” You should be able to change the font there, unless the document is password protected.