Acrobat .pdf printing weirdness!

Can anybody think of a reason why, when at home, I try to print out some Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, they come out as perfectly formatted gibberish? I have the latest version of Reader, and I have the latest printer drivers. Everything else prints just fine from every other program, but on the rare occasions when I’ve needed to print out a .pdf form, I get a page of random characters. The exception is IRS forms, which print without problem. I had a CD jewel case insert as a .pdf and it printed out as normal. So what would it be about certain online forms that I can’t print them? They look fine on the screen, but not on paper.

That happens to me quite frequently when I print out mailing wrappers for my paperback book swap club. The first time I try to print it, I get gibberish. It works fine on the second try, though. I’m interested in any ideas anyone may have, as I hate wasting paper. (Although, since I ball it up and turn it into a cat toy, I guess it’s not a total waste.)