Acrobat Reader printing problem

For some reason, when I try to print Acrobat Reader files from my Windows XP box at home, the text is all odd characters and un-readable.

The text is fine on the screen.
All other documents print fine.
This happens on all PDF files (not just some corrupt files).
This doesn’t happen on my XP box at work (with the same files).
I have the latest drivers from HP.
I have an HP Deskjet 930c.
I Have WinXP Pro with 384 MB of RAM
I have the latest version of Acrobat Reader, and Adobe checks for a new version every time I open it.
I’m 99% sure this started as soon as I got XP installed, but I didn’t really try to print a PDF until a few months after I got it installed (December, I believe).

I haven’t found any documentation online about this problem, and nothing from Adobe.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any insight?

When you hit the print button from inside Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the print options screen comes up…

Make sure that ‘Print as Image’ is checked.

Also, if your PDF files are opening inside of Internet Explorer/Acrobat Reader, instead of Acrobat Reader by itself, then make sure you are using the Print button on the Adobe toolbar (it has an Adobe symbol to the left). You don’t want to use File -> Print or the Print icon in the Internet Explorer toolbar.

You might also try printing to a PostScript driver. There is a conflict when printing Adobe documents to a PCL driver. You might already have the PostScript driver in your computer and have to add a printer (even if it’s the one printer that you already are using) but with the PS driver rather than the PCL. Then when you print, choose the printer with the PS driver rather than the PCL.

If you have no idea what I mean, post and I’ll describe in more detail.