Reversed Image Problem with Adobe Acrobat

I have an 86-page document in .PDF format of which I need printouts of large portions. It displays perfectly OK on the screen, but when I attempt to print it, I get a printed mirror image of the text, and, not being Leonardo DaVinci, I have a great deal of trouble reading them.

I’m using Acrobat Reader 5.1.0 – do not have the rest of Acrobat – and a HP Deskjet 3420 printer, working with a Gateway 2000 running MS Windows 2000 v5.00.2195 with Service Pack 1.

Anybody got any bright ideas on how to fix the problem or a workaround to suggest?

You need to use a PostScript driver instead of a PCL driver in your printer. There is a known conflict between Adobe and the PCL driver (you can read about it on the Adobe Web site). You can likely download the PS driver from HP’s Web site, or it might already be in your printer software; you just have to “add” a new printer using that driver. Not sure how computer-literate you are; you are “adding” the same printer you have always used but using a different driver. If this makes no sense, write back and I’ll try to explain in more detail.