Adobe After Effects error

I am trying to insert an .AVI file that I captured from a VHS tape into an After Effects composition but I get the error:

I thought that maybe After Effects didn’t support the codec (it was encoded in 3vix D4 4.5 ) so I used VirtualDub to make a copy in DivX because I have used DivX successfully with After Effects before. Still, no luck. Any idea what the problem could be? I’m using After Effects 5.5 and I am still sort of a newbie to it.

The AE support site has this on DivX:

Your search - divX “After Effects” - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing “divX “After Effects””.

It’s not supported. Digitize again and compress with a Quicktime friendly codec like Sorenson or Cinepak


I tried converting it to Cinepak and it still didn’t work. Should I try capturing it again or is there some other solution?

Could it be that I used the NeroVision capture utility and not VirtualDub to capture it? I had used VD before to capture to DivX and After Effects supported it with no problems. I would have used Virtual Dub this time but it was giving me weird errors.