Adrian Monk vs. Johnny Smith

You know the drill. Who’d win?

A draw: Johnny Smith would have to touch Monk to do anything, and Monk wouldn’t allow himself to be touched.

No, he wouldn’t have to touch Monk, he would have to touch some person or thing connected with the matter under investigation. Johnny wins – not because Monk couldn’t solve the mystery, but because Johnny would solve it sooner.

Got to go for Monk. First off, he’s got a great back-up team: the moustache, the clown, and the thin lady with the kid. Second off, I’ve never heard of Johnny Smith.

The Dead Zone (linking to the tv series since Monk’s one too).

Unless we’re not talking about a mystery-solving contest but a fistfight. In which case, Johnny probably wins.

I don’t follow - too many negatives. Is this another mystery for a pilot episode of a rival show?

Monk would win. Hands down. :smiley:

I meant, it’s not clear what kind of faceoff the OP intends.

Johnny would beat Monk in a mystery-solving contest because he’s a psychic and can get it right away, while Monk is only a detective and has to take time to work out the clues.

Johnny would probably win in a fistfight because it is conceivable he has hit somebody at least once in his life before.

Johnny. Well, assuming a semi-serious universe.

Monk is paralyzed by the simple act of crossing the street. It’s already been established that Johnny is effectively invulnerable- he’s foreseen, and averted, situations in which he’d die. Conceivably, the only way he can be killed is if he lets himself be killed (presumably to save someone else).

Adrian Monk can be seriously inconvenienced by someone sneezing on him. Sneeze on Johnny, and he sees your entire life.

Most of the mysteries Monk solves are solved through ridiculous coincidence, and that’s just in San Francisco. Johnny’s working to save the entire damn planet from nuclear annihilation.

Now, from a pure “detective” skillset, Monk’s the better sleuth (although the gaps in his knowledge are fairly laughable- in one episode he didn’t know that doctors could check a person’s pulse by touching the carotid artery). Johnny couldn’t detect his way out of a paper bag, since he “cheats” with his Dead Zone.

A better contest might be between Johnny Smith and Maia (from The 4400). Johnny’s visions can be averted and changed… but Maia’s always come true.

Maia, the clairvoyant child from The 4400, could kick both their asses.

Johnny Smith got to make time with the delectable Sarah Bannerman (played by the equally delectable Nicole de Boer). Clearly, he is the winner.