Ads for Trump Merch

I’m seeing endless ads on the board for Trump trading cards, commemorative coins and a host of other Trump shit. Is there any way to remove these. For God(win)’s sake, what’s next? Hitler tea cozies?

The consensus seems to be stop searching out Trump and the ads will change.

I have never seen a Trump or gun ad but I also don’t go looking for those things.

Neither do I, except almost every active thread at the moment is related to Trump in some way.

I’ve seen the 50 free Trump coins ads, I mentioned it in another thread.

'tis a fiendish strategy to make you subscribe, Elmer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But, you do realize that by reiterating the subject in this thread you are only feeding the ad carrier’s algorithm.

Yeah. My wife’s suggestion is to click on the ads so the objectionable advertisers get charged for the click. If I’m really lucky, it’s one of the stores taken down by Amazon or Shopify hosting and they’ll still be charged. Alas, I’m not that bold.

Link? I really need one of those for my collection!

A flawed strategy, seeing as you can’t buy a subscription even if you wanted to.


Have people so quickly forgot about the Hitler Teapot that was all the rage not so long ago?

You’ll love our Nazi Nighttime Crystal Collection.