Adventure Time plot analysis

Ok the last two episodes pushed me into making this thread, I’m not the only adult fan here right?

Gotcha!-Something about the power and danger of female sexuality? Lumpy Space Princess sets out to seduce Finn so she can write a book about seduction, then in the cave of evil mirrors the demons take on Finn’s form and while they are trying to attack her she screams something like they want me for my body.

Cookie Princess-I can’t tell if it is a thinly veiled plot about transgendered individuals and how society holds them down, or about authority and power protecting its position.

Didn’t LSP break up with her boyfriend because he tried to kiss her? She wants her body to be desirable, but she freaks when someone actually goes after it.

I’m still wondering why the Lich-possessed snail wanted the Enchiridion.

Her delusional attachment of romantic overtures to hungry wildlife is pretty funny though. :slight_smile:

Ditto on the snail, I’ve noticed they are being REALLY good at continuity recently too(Finn always carries the demon blood sword every episode since he got it, Goliad could be seen in the background of the most recent episode) so I’m thinking they are setting something up for the finale hopefully.

I loved LSP’s encounter with the wolves! :smiley:

Regarding the Cookie Princess episode…have they started showing a slightly harder side of Princess Bubblegum? That would fit in with the authority angle.

I loved LSP’s personal growth moment in Gotcha. She’s really invested in a lot of toxic teen girl tropes – an obsession with gossip, and being hot, and being sexually manipulative. But when she tries to act on her bitchy fantasies, Finn’s genuineness completely disarms her, and she discovers that maybe she doesn’t want that fantasy as much as she thought she did. There’s this glimmer of self-awareness that she’s actually a bigger and deeper person than the shallow hawt babe she’s been pretending to be. It’s a really fascinating character turn.

“But then the drama started” gets said a lot at our house.