Adventures of the Bread Machine, Vol. 2

Using the “dough” setting on my bread macine, I made English muffins yesterday

For my first ever batch, they turned out pretty good. I didn’t use ring molds, so they aren’t perfectly round. I shaped the dough and placed the blobs on a cookie sheet to rise for about an hour on the counter. And hey, I even sprinkled a bit of cornmeal on the cookie sheet before I put the blobs of dough on it! I “baked” them in a skillet on top of the stove, flipping them over halfway so both sides would brown.

With shaking hands and pounding heart, I cut a cooled muffin in half. Wowee! It was cooked inside. Not a lot of nooks and crannies like Thomas’s, but for my first try, I had success!:smiley: