Advice for Norway (Oslo)

For you, Gukumatz, flodnak, and others I forgot, in case you do vanity searches. :slight_smile:

I will be in Norway in July, and will have a few days to kill. During that time I will be in or near Oslo. I will likely be alone, and so won’t have the benefit of a traveling companion to bounce ideas off of. I’ve been doing my own research but always appreciate more personal recommendations.

Activities that are cheap (or as cheap as you can get in Oslo…) are appreciated.
I like:

Lodging: I will probably go for a cheap hostel, as this part of my trip isn’t paid for. I guess the best advice would be if you knew of one to avoid.

Cultural activities: I have looked into a few museums, but anything like that that you have personal experience with…

Architecture/nature: good photo ops, nice parks are interesting.

A good beer, preferably in a quiet pub

Travel: it looks like Gothenburg/Göteborg is ~4 hours away, and it would be nice to say I’ve been to Sweden. I would tentatively have 4-5 free days, and so anywhere that is reasonable travel in that time (including overnight) would be of interest to me.
I thank you for your responses.

Here’s an older thread on Oslo. The Edvard Munch museum, the Vigeland sculpture park, Nansen’s Fram polar exploration ship, and the Viking Ship museum are all pretty cool.

Rather than go to Sweden, I’d do the Norway in a Nutshell trip and hang out in Bergen for a day or two. The Nutshell trip is really really beautiful.

I haven’t been to Norway in many years so can’t give you much advice, but one thing you should keep in mind is bring money, loads of it.

Second Bergen, that place was beautiful! The train ride over the mountain was gorgeous as well. I was there in June/July, and the lakes were still iced over!

In Bergen, you have to try the prawns fresh from the Atlantic, and boiled in seawater. Delicious! When I was there the strawberries were in season and they were the best strawberries I have ever had (not saying much, though).

There’s a nice fernacular ride to the top of a nearby hill, and a lovely stroll down back to the city.

Also, fjords. Pine for them.

Oh yeah, I know. :smack:

Bumping this since I came over it in a vanity search. Let me know if you haven’t had a chance to sort out your hotel accomodations and I’ll try to help you out. (I work as a receptionist, so even if I can’t help you out personally I can still point you to what’s good and what’s bad. :)) Second pretty much everything said so far, especially with regards to the Vigeland Park and the Viking Ship Museum. Depending on the dates there’s also a lot of minor and major events in July - you picked a good month to come over!

If you want a brew, then you should definitely head for the microbrewery near Majorstuen. It’s quiet-ish on a normal weekdays and their Indian Pale Ale is worth dying for, as well as their experimental brews. There’s also a lot of good pubs around. (My favourite being an Irish one not too far from the Fortress, the Dubliner.)

There’s Norway I’d sink Oslo as to make really bad puns in this thread.

Thanks. I will probably use a hostel, but any recommendations on those are appreciated or cheap hotels. I will stay in a Vandrerhjem hotel for a few days, but after that I will have a few days and money to attempt to save.

I’m not a big IPA fan but “experimental brews” sounds like a nice challenge.

Which days are you staying?

I am in Norway now. I am outside of the city but will be traveling that direction on the 6th and have 4 nights to check things out there or outside.

From the title of the thread, I thought you were offering your expert advice to the nation of Norway!

Dear Norway, stop being so expensive. Otherwise, you’re cool.

The defence museum (forsvarsmuseet) is good if you like shiny, pointy stuff, or guns. Wednesdays or sundays there may be people outside in costumes beating each other up with swords. Its also located inside the old fort, which is worth a look, and free.

you said that you’re looking for good beer in a quiet pub so I don’t know if you’d like this but, I watched a special on TV about things they like…& it’s dancing! they are a very contained, quiet people from what I understand, but they love organized dancing events (weekly) as it gives them a chance to “let it all out” & connect with others…

You’re probably thankful your trip wasn’t a few weeks later!