Advice for starting a blog?

I would like to start my own blog, partly to document all my ideas and spread them but also to possibly make money through ads. I would like it to be a polymathic type blog. Any recommendations? thank you

I run a few blogs for fun and profit. I have no idea how much of an audience there is for a polymathic blog as I had to look up polymathic, but it might be small. People say to write about what you are interested in, but if you want to make money with a blog you need to write about what others are interested in.

Other than that I would see how many blogs are out there on somewhat related topics. You can build an audience for your blog by posting on other similar blogs with a discreet link back to your blog. If you have any specific questions let me know.

Since the OP is seeking advice, this is better suited to IMHO than GQ.

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What are you looking for in particular?
[li]The technical nuts and bolts of setting up and the care and feeding of a blog.[/li][li]The creative side, how to generate content for the blog.[/li][li]Advertising and all that it entails.[/li][/ol]I’m certain that many of us can provide advice on one or two of these, but not all of them.

Sorry, I didn’t clarify my question very well. I was wondering what company I should go with to start a for-profit blog? That seems to be my first hurdle. I have one on blogspot but I don’t think it can go very far or make any money from that site. So I’m wondering if anyone has had success in getting something like that going, and if so, what company they went through to do it. thanks

Not quite sure by what you mean by needing a company. Mine are just hosted at a provider where I got a good deal. The success comes from traffic and offers on your site that generate revenue.