Advice for what to do with a monster of a blog post, break it up? ebook?

As you’ve most likely ignored, my signature promotes my blog

We are just getting the blog off the ground and I’m in the process of writing our first pillar piece for it.

(For those who don’t know, a pillar piece is a super-massive post doing a deep dive into one particular topic.)

I can already tell this is going to be a monster of an article. I’m estimating the final word count to be around 6000-6500 words. I’m giving a ton of information on my topic (The Ultimate guide to running a RunDisney Race), but I’m assuming no one is going to just sit down and plow through an article that big. My quesiton to you all is, what should I do with it to get the best amount of exposure?

The article is currently divided into 5 chapters, so my initial thought is releasing each chapter as a post every week (making it a thing) and then when it’s all said and done, compiling them together in the form of a downloadable ebook. But is that enough?

Should I also do additional groupings like “pre race” “the race” “post race”? But if I publish it too much, Google won’t like the duplicated content, right?

Any experienced bloggers/writers out there that can help me?

Breaking it into manageable chunks is a good idea, but before you commit to specific chunks, take a look at the collection of Uberposts here. Don’t worry about whether or not you agree with the author; rather, pay attention to the structure and length.