Advice..I crave wisdom! How is it out there on the singles front?

Sorry to put this to you kids but lately there has been fire in el casa de Doolin. My girlfriend has been driving me nuts and I am wondering whats it like there on the outside (single life?) I won’t give you the gory details but I have been with her 3 years so I am a bit wary about headin out (though as I weigh the odds right now, they are just about even). So let me hear from you guys and girlsd out there…is it worth the trouble getting out of a relationship or shall I stick to it (and mind you I have done it before). Sorry to be layin this down on you but (sigh) its hard to get reasonable talk nowadays. You teeming millions out there seem to be the only joes and janes worth buying a drink for a long chat.

What is it like out there in Single’s Land? Well, for me it sucks, because I have a particularly hard time meeting men (2 in the last 5 years) and when I do they dump me almost immediately. If you had OK luck with the opposite sex in the past, it should not be too much different now. I am confident that most people’s love lives don’t suck as bad as mine. I think I am going to put myself up for auction here at the SDMB. Any bidders? My pic is on Opal’s Teeming Millions, so you can get an idea of what you are bidding on.

Checked out the pic. Damn! And you have trouble meeting guys? You must be around a bunch of idiots (outside this message board, of course). Count me in on the bidding.

I’ll raise you.

Yeah, it sucks.

But I suppose being with someone you don’t love for 3 years sucks also.

Good luck, keep your chin up.

Not so bad dooly.

Even if you dont find someone for a while, your life is your own. Nobody interrogating you when you get in late etc.

Go the single route, but DONT troll for ladies, get involved in ‘stuff’ . Whatever guys do when they arent on the prowl.

Join clubs or whatever where you would meet women with similar interests. You like bugs? Join a bug club, maybe you will meet her there…book discussion groups, volunteer at a hospital, take a part time job for fun & $$$ you might meet her there.

Whatever you do, dont, DONT just sit home. You wont meet anyone that way.

And LET YOUR FRIENDS SET YOU UP!! You never know…

Good luck buddy!

Doolin: Single is good. Dating may be better. As usual, it always depends. Anyway, why don’t you give yourself (and your girlfriend) a brake? She might be thinking and feeling just like you, have you thought about it? Check with her.

Michelle: Where do you live? Are men around you blind? I’m in for the bidding, definitely! You are a cutie!

It’s never a good idea to stay in a relationship that you’re not happy in just because you’re afraid of being single. There are lots of great people out there; you may find someone who makes you truly happy.

I’m with Michelle - for me the singles scene sucks. Actually, being single is fine - I have a lot of fun going out with my friends. The dating scene for me, however, is nonexistent. And Michelle? Can I join your auction? Anyone here interested in bidding on a nice girl from DC? My picture’s on the TM homepage as well…

Heath, it looks like you got some good advice here. You know what that means though; the true measure of another’s intelligence is shown by how much he agrees with you.

I’m with those who think you would be making a mistake to stay with a person just because you don’t want to be single. From the small amount of information you gave, the impression I have is, the breakup is inevitable. It is always better to end it amicably and that happens more often if you don’t try to hang on for what will end up seeming like foolish reasons

From another point of view, what would happen if you serendipitously met someone that interests you? You might have to pass up a chance with a really nice lady because you are still attached to someone you aren’t very happy being with.

I do have to agree with those here who say the dating scene sucks though. I haven’t had a date with anyone I found interesting since the last girlfriend and I went our separate ways about nine months ago. By an interesting person, I mean someone I would like to date a second again. Of course, I’m kind of shy, so it’s difficult for me to meet a lot of people.

Let the auction begin. The bidding starts at dinner and a show.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

Michelle…mmmmmmm count me in the bidding.
Life on the single scene well it sucks. Oh well, and at the same token giving your heart away hurts like a son-of-a-bitch. Especially when it gets trampled upon. Oh well, go figure!


Well (in spite of the sentiment expressed in my new sig) for girls it’s a great deal more fun being courted than actually being in a relationship. I love it when guys buy me stuff! :slight_smile:

(She said, about to leap into yet another potentially ill-fated relationship. Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks …)

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