Advice needed on selling a guitar

I have a guitar that I was thinking about selling via consignment or eBay. Can anyone who has done that sort of thing help me decide which is the best approach? Of course I would like to get the most I could for it, and I am in no particular hurry (as in I don’t need CASH NOW or anything).

It is a Ovation Adamas Signature 1581-KK Kaki King guitar. I got it about three years ago, and I basically have just had it in its case without touching it ever since. Also. if anyone knows anything about this guitar, what should I look for in not getting ripped off while selling it? Of course I know what I paid about three years ago for it, but I was just wanting to get an idea of the value I could expect.


The advice you’re seeking isn’t very guitar specific, I’d have titled it something like “how can I sell something on ebay, looking for tips”

So what did you pay for that guitar, and what are you hoping for?

It’s expensive to ship a guitar via ups($80) but they do an awesome job with packaging. I am not familiar with that model but if it’s an expensive model (over $500) I’d try craigslist. Otherwise yard sale. That’s been my route. Yardsale they don’t care about models. Craigslist someone will seek out a specific model in your situation.

You may want to check and see if there’s a local music store that will sell on consignment. I had good luck selling a guitar this way.

My friend works here:

They set out to become “the ebay for musicians” and have been pretty successful so far.

Why Reverb?

I would go w/craigslist. Serious musicians often shop it; they will be looking for deals, but, they also will pay fair prices for good merch.

So you need to find someone looking for a used, excellent-condition guitar costing $3500 (new) who doesn’t mind having a “Kaki King” signature instrument? That’s a small market… I vote for Ebay with reserve to expand it. I think you’d be doing good if you got $2500 + shipping with $2K more likely. GL