Aedoeocephalus: real or a hoax?

I was flipping through my Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, 30th ed., the other night, when I came across the following amazing entry:

aedoeocephalus (Gk aidoios genitals + cephalus) a fetus with no mouth, a nose like a penis, and but one orbit.

Googling turns up nothing but references to Dorland’s. Could this be a Nihilartikel - i.e. a hoax?

Although I’m not familiar with the term aedoeocephalus, the types of malformations you’ve described are (unfortunately) all too real and more common than one might expect.

You’re most likely to find relevant sites by using “holoprosencephaly” as one of your search terms.

Here is a link* which shows the spectrum of the malformation and, specifically, depicts a fetus with a single orbit and a nose which is, I suppose, penis-like.