Affirmative Action Bake Sale: Offensive or Funny?

Personally I find it to be just political satire (and very funny satire at that) but apparently people of intelligence seem to be offended by it. So do you find the Affirmative Action Bake Sale funny or offensive?

It was humorous satire the first time it was done, now it just seems trite to me I admit. It fits perfectly into the college campus mindset, however.

Not cool. Just whiny.

I got an email the other day from a club at my college to protest this sale or whatever. I personally think it’s idiotic, misses the point, and old. I remember hearing about something like this when I was in high school.

Just ignore it, I say.

I can see that it’s a joke.

But it’s not a very good joke, and reflects more on the people telling it than it does on the folks they’re trying to make fun of.

Lame effort at trolling. (Er, by the campus Republicans, I mean. Not by the OP.) If I knew a Native American dude, I would bring him along to the bake sale and buy up a bunch of cookies on the cheap. Edit: Wait, it looks like a Native American woman would actually get everything for free. Therefore, I would bring a Native American woman and end the sale about thirty seconds after it began. Win!

I’m one eleventh Cherokee. I can buy things at the discounted prices right?

It’s too stupid to be offensive. If I were an American Indian I’d totally get one of those cheap muffins, assuming the people put more effort into their cooking than they did with their joke.

Standard bake sale goods. truth be told, I don’t think they’d do it except that it riles people up. They may complain about the childish of it, and yet, doesn’t the very act of complaining demonstrate it’s a rather sore spot?

Heh, I love this kind of stuff. I’m not even partisan about it.

I chuckled briefly the first time I heard about one. At this point, it’s pretty fucking lame.

It does not look like they even meant it to be funny:

Looks like he’s just admitted to trolling.

So if even the organizers admit it was not meant to be funny - that it was actually meant to upset people…

I guess it’s not funny.

Stupid more than offensive, way lame and not in any way funny or witty.

Shit stirring, straight up.

Stay classy pubs!

I’d say that Gawker’s headline sums it up: College Republicans’ Stupid ‘Race-Based Bake Sale’ Is Exactly What You’d Expect. It’s exactly what college Republican groups have been doing since they moved on from outing gay students.

Eh, beat me to it. That’s exactly what I’d try as well, but I assume the organizers reserve themselves the right to refuse service to anyone or something.

Or, perhaps they’d consider a Native American woman taking all the cookies in the first 30 seconds of the sale an analogy for how Native American women take all jobs and college spots from hard-working white men… :wink:

It isn’t offensive, but it isn’t funny either. Not because I’m PC or anything, but just because it isn’t that funny (I’ve seen and heard far funnier non-mainstream material). It is more trite, listening to overindulged college educated white men from good families (of which I am one) complain about how hard we have it compared to black women gets embarrassing after a while. For whatever reason when well educated, financially successful white men portray themselves as victims of minorities and the poor it just rubs me the wrong way. It sounds so petulant.

Funny, a good light hearted way to make a serious point. The only change I’d recommend would have been to make the price of the asian cupcakes the most expensive as they pay the highest price according to Thomas Epenshade’s research.

Just like affirmative action.

Holy cow! I was thinking the same thing. :smiley:

I don’t find it offensive, though I also don’t find it to be clever, funny, or thought-provoking.

It was made by young white Republican men. They view all minorities as being given an unfair edge over them, even those minorities you like.