Afghanistan on TLC

I’m kinda fuzzy on the details, but I saw a TLC(i think, possibly discovery channel) program on human rights abuses a month or 2 ago featuring afghanistan. One of the interesting things of note on the program was that some years ago, western nations(i’m not sure who) built a sports complex in kabul, and it was supposed to be a gift for the regular citizens- to lift spirits & increase their happiness, blah blah. Anyway, the taliban uses it to hold public executions, and they showed two women, covered from head to toe, unloaded from an suv and shot in the head, point-blank with ak-47’s. They use the goals -it was for soccer- to display the hanging bodies of those executed.
The journalists were lucky enough(yikes!) to catch a ride with the taliban security chief and asked him why they did not use the arena for sports. He stated that the arena was the only suitable place for the public executions but that he would be happy to use it for sporting events if the west would build them another arena for public executions! Outrageous, imo.
Anyone else see the program?

I read the same thing here.

I think they do use the stadium for soccer games, but by Taliban decree, any cheering must be “Allahu Akbar,” (God is great) instead of “yay.” Kinda puts the “I wanna thank Jesus” stuff we often hear in post-game interviews in perspective, no?

Am I the only one that opened this thread trying to figure out the connection between Afghanistan and Lisa “left eye” Lopez" and friends? After all, this is Cafe Society.