African President w. Prosthetic Nose?

I saw something on CNN today about Moammar Gadhaffi meeting with a bunch of other African heads of state. One of them had a silver prosthetic nose tip, held on by a cord that went around the back of his head. Any idea who this man is and what the story is behind his nose?

I know of none but this list might help you in what you are looking for. Another possible clue to your search is that Gaddafi has adopted a… uniquely Gaddafi version of Pan-Africanism. He regularly holds grand meetings with numerous non-heads-of-state from various regions in Africa (these people are a mish-mash of politically unimportant royalty/whatever from various scatterings of small tribes/ethnic groups around the continent).

In his last grand meeting Gaddafi even crowned himself “King of kings.”

In other words the person you saw could be anyone, and not necessarily a head of state.

Did they talk about the nose or did you just see the guy on the video?

I don’t know who it is, but “the Master” had an article about Tycho Brahe, a famous astronomer who is the only person I’ve heard of having a silver nose.

Back in the '50s when I was a kid, I often saw a man on the bus with an artificial nose. His was attached to his glasses (no fake moustache though), and if you looked at it from the side you could see behind it. The strange thing was that nobody ever saw this guy anywhere else, only on the bus.

I think a string around the head is much cooler, and you can replace it with those animal noses.

Let the “Michael Jackson is alive and living in…” rumors commence.