Is Gadhafi a drug addict?

The droopy eyes, the slurred speech, long rambling speeches and especially accusing the protesters of being drug addicts.

All this somehow triggers my “junkiedar”

Is anything known about if he uses and/or what he uses?

It ain’t like he’d advertise things like that.:dubious:

He does appear to have that look at times. At the present time I believe it’s because of lack of sleep. If he goes to sleep, someone might kill him. He just made a speech minutes ago and went on and on about drugs, alcohol and youth. He seemed to be asking the parents to reign in their children. The children in this case are adults under the age of 35. To Gadfly, anyone under 50 is a child. He knows that the older people are more likely to want immediate stability. He said he wants to die a martyr and the way it’s going, he will achieve his wish. I never saw a martyr that looked fresh.

You gotta admire the man’s fashion sense :smiley:

It’s the increasing resemblance to Mickey Roarke which I find more disturbing.

My husband was just telling me yesterday that a pseudo-journalist from CNN or one of the other big media outlets got to “interview” Gadhafi a while back and was very concerned that he was under the influence, based on his behavior & communication.

By “pseudo-journalist” I mean that the recollection was that G wouldn’t allow an interview with anyone except for a correspondent- maybe a doctor or something, rather than a real reporter?

I will search for a link…

Delusional, tyrannical, narcisist… Is he drug addled too? Sure, why not, but I doubt anyone on this board really knows for sure.

I was just talking to a friend about how Gadhafi reminded me of the stereotypical (to me, anyway) oddball drug dealer guy who was always good for a dime bag.

He was always a guy who was a little older than the rest of the group, of indeterminate ethnic background, dressed inappropriately, basically incoherent, nice enough to be around - but you were never sure where it would end up with him…

A personal request: please don’t do that.

Many thanks,

It was Fareed Zakaria. He’s a real journalist.

Supposedly he “cannot travel without his nurse” although there are numerous possibilities for why not…

Same thought here. I just can’t decide which is turning into which.

Still it would make one hell of a biopic.

Maybe he’s had a stroke? Early Alzheimer’s? Untreated mental illness? I’m sure it’s a medical issue rather than a drug thing.

Change *protestor *in the above sentence into *kids today *and you’ve managed to describe my parents, grandparents, and in-laws. And the Colonel is getting on up there.

Saw the interview. He’s so on junk.

I can’t be the only one wondering - please don’t do what? You’ll have to be a little more specific.


use terms as Junkydar,

maybe I should have used druggiedetector , fiendfinder?substance-abuser sniffer?


He looked so much better in a keffiyeh, in the 70’s!

It’s rein in.
Or maybe you mean reign over.

:smack: Of course he is, I’ve seen his show. Hubby didn’t recognize him and he was talking so much about a “diagnosis” that he thought he must be a doc!