Aftermarket sunroof

So it’s time to at least start thinking about a new car. Sun/moon roof is an absolute requirement for me; I’ve always had one & use mine regularly. One car I (*very *briefly) looked at that was a $15,000 option upfront ($2500-ish for the sunroof, but you had to go up a couple of trim levels for it to even be an available option). One of the other things in the upgraded trim level was a bigger, more powerful engine, which of course meant (significantly - 20-25% based on their figures) lower gas mileage, figure at least another $5000 over the cost of the car. That’s about 50% over the base cost of the car. Uhhh, no!

There was a time when if you got an aftermarket sunroof it wasn’t if but when it would leak. Have they improved? Can I get one with tilt/slide features that I should not expect to leak these days? Any recommendations of a (national chain) place that does it well?

If you plan to sell it after 2 or 3 years and you purchase a top-quality one from a reputable place, I think you’re pretty safe. If you plan to keep the car for 10 years, and you park outside most of the time I think you are asking for trouble. Make sure the one you buy comes with a good and long warranty.

I reaaalllly want t-tops for my Subaru wagon. Wish me luck!

No idea but I can relate. I went through this a couple years ago and not only had to go up a few trim levels, I had to rule out some perfectly fine cars that didn’t offer the option all all. But I’m still very happy with my Mazda3; I use the sunroof often, and the heated seats far more than I had ever imagined. (What the hell do I need a butt warmer for? Plenty, it turns out!) Best of luck in your search.

I also have a Mazda3 that I love. You don’t have to go to the top trim level anymore I think, to get the sunroof, I think.

My Scion has a dealer installed Webasto 700. It’s excellent with auto open and close plus tilt, close upon key removal, presets, etc. Material matched to the headliner. 200,000 miles and never a leak.