Aftermath - a new TV documentary series

A couple of nights ago, I saw a one-hour TV documentary-style program on the History Channel called “Aftermath”.

The subject matter was, “What would happen if the Earth were to stop spinning?”

As you might imagine, if this were to happen, lots of people would die (almost all of them, as a matter of fact), lots of plants and animals would die, the weather would get all messed up, the oceans would get all messed up … in short - everything would get all messed up.

My question is, "Could this be the most ridiculous (or maybe it would be better to call it the worst) TV documentary program ever produced?

It is a series and there are lots more episodes coming. I can’t imagine what the topics will be. Perhaps they might be things like:

. What would happen if all of a sudden, time started running backwards?
. What would happen if the law of gravity was reversed and things started floating up instead of down?
. What would happen if magnetism was changed so that compass needles began to point East instead of North?
. What would happen if electricity and magnetism changed places so that when a lightening bolt hit the earth, the result would be a whole bunch of buildings all becoming clumped together?

In any case, maybe you might have some ideas for some possible topics for this show?

Alternatively, some serious questions are:

. Is this possibly the very worst documentary style TV program ever broadcast?
. Is this possibly the most stupid idea for a documentary style TV program ever?
. How could anyone ever seriously imagine the earth would stop rotating? What would cause this to happen? What are the odds? Aren’t the odds so infinitesimally low that the odds are essentially zero this could ever happen? If so, why the hell would anyone ever produce - or for that matter - watch a TV show that tried to seriously analyze the probable consequences of such a happening?

Is this the worst/most stupid TV program ever? Or can you imagine anything worse/more stupid?

Why would anyone ever produce such an idiotic TV show?

FYI, it was very boring and did not provide any interesting information on this subject.

What would really happen in global zombie outbreak?
What would happen if all male (or female) humans suddenly died?
What would happen if every human on the planet suddenly underwent a true (ie down to the genetic level) sex change (with all of new anatomy)?
What would happen if Earth somehow swapped places with Mars or Venus?

This from the channel that brought us Life After People, a two-hour special going into great detail about what would happen if every human instantly vanished from the face of the earth; not even leaving their bodies behind. (Spoiler: buildings would fall, damns would burst, and animals would adapt.) They were so proud of this they then made it into a full-blown series.

I believe Aftermath is simply the next stage of the stupidity evolution. Long live Idiocracy.

I assume you’ve never seen Ancient Aliens.

The latest installment is on NGC; World Without Oil (in which all the world’s oil wells run dry without warning. According to the Wiki there are two more episodes; one in which the Sun expands into it’s red giant phase (presumably highly ahead of schedule) and one in which the world’s population doubles overnight (that should be interesting).

I would watch these if they came with cool animated segments.

I saw a bit of World Without Oil last night. This after they had two decent actually informative shows about the Gulf Oil spill running in the hours before it. Sigh.

Heads up. I just discovered that overpopulation one is airing tonight on NGC.