Life After People-the series

I think this started last week. I just tuned in and London was being featured. At two weeks after people they were showing the Welsh Corgis that belong to the Queen, and how they were trying to find food and water while locked in the palace. I almost had to turn away.

Now they’re going on to kudzu in the south of the US. And the hog farms with 60 million confined hogs. At two months after people some break out, and some are eating each other. The expert is saying that of all domesticated animals they think hogs have the best chance to get out, live, and breed.

Anyone else watching?

Is this something new, or a rerun from a year or two ago?

It was originally a special televised in 2008. But it’s now become a series, with new episodes. It began last Tuesday, April 21 on The History Channel.

I’ve always thought this was the stupidest show ever. The premise doesn’t even make sense. What could possibly wipe out all humans and only humans?

I could try.

Doesn’t matter. The point of the show is to illustrate the impermanence of our effect on the world; show up our arrogance. Also, there’s an odd fascination about watching stuff fall apart. When you’re my age, it’ll make sense to you.

Is this a serious question?

Answer: Disease (particularly if bioengineered).

I saw something like this only it was just a single special a couple of hours long on National Geographic HD a couple of months ago. I agree that the premise was a little stupid - they didn’t say “everybody died in a couple of weeks” or “everybody died in a couple of days”. It was "everybody disappeared in a single afternoon. Just gone, everything else remained. I thought that was a little stupid.

The point of this was to not focus on why people all died, but the consequences thereafter.

As you state, the problem with this is that it ignores the consequences of 6+ billion corpses lying around, or the inevitable disruptions as the population died off.

If the makers of the show truly showed what would happen with this many bodies lying around, I think that it would be more than a little disturbing for the TV audience. Let’s just say that the Queen’s Welsh Corgis wouldn’t starve to death immediately, anyway. :dubious:

Thank you. I was confused as I thought I’d already “seen” it (the two-hour single show, anyway).

Perhaps The Rapture will be less exclusive than the fundamentalists would have us believe…

I haven’t seen the series but I’ve read the associated book. The most interesting thing I thought was how wrong all the last man on earth scenarios are. I wasn’t aware that the NY subways would flood in days without our help in pumping them out.

Depressing - I finished thinking that the only thing which will save the earth is our disappearing.

I watched the first episode, which I think was more of an introduction, but I find it fascinating. I read the book as well. I think it is fascinating.

I do recall reading somewhere that if you die in an enclosed home with pets, your dogs will wait longer before they being eating you than your cats will. Not by a whole lot, though – only a day or so.

I did learn something last night. It said that housepets, such as cats and dogs in Great Britain, would have an advantage compared to North America, as rabies has been eliminated in the UK decades ago.

I also hadn’t realized just how fast buildings will decay. Those scenes of Gary, Indiana were creepy.

Clearly you haven’t kept up on your Bond lore:

*Bloefeld: I have prepared a demonstration. Remember that disagreeable outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in England last summer? I shall instruct them, in very convincing terms, exactly how I arranged that. And my capacity has improved since.

Bond: Allergy vaccines?

Blofeld: Bacteria.

Bond: Bacteriological warfare.

Blofeld: With a difference. Our great breakthrough since last summer has been the confection of a certain virus omega.

Bond: Infertility.

Blofeld: Total infertility. In plants and animals. Not just disease in a few herds, Mr Bond, or the loss of a single crop. But the destruction of a whole strain for ever, throughout an entire continent. If my demands are not met, l´II proceed with the extinction of whole species of cereals and livestock all over the world.

Bond: Including, I suppose, the human race.

Blofeld: I don´t think, do you, Mr Bond, the UN will let it come to that. Not after their scientists analyse a sample of virus omega they have received. Epidemics of sterility. Nothing is born. No seed even begins to sprout.*

BigT, not you or your dismissive wave collegues at Her Majesty’s Secret Service can stop me now. I’ll leave you to contemplate your short and frigid future sealed in in this glacial cavern with only a single air duct leading out and your innocuous Rolex Submariner which I’m certain doesn’t contain any cutting torch or explosive charges by which you’ll effect an escape and contact authorities with the details of the plan I have just divulged to you in my expository monologue.

I big you good day, and goodbye, BigT.


I watched it. It really seemed like it should be titled “What happens to favorite landmarks if people disappeared”, not really an explanation of what would happen overall if people disappeared.

Whoo-hoo, the vines would overtake Wrigley Field. Big friggin’ deal.

I also found some of their assumptions to be :dubious: raising: So Chicago would flood in less than a week if people disappeared? Really?

And to be honest, even if the scenario of our disappearence came to pass, there would be evidence of human civilization likely lasting hundreds of millions of years: at the very least, there will be piles of enriched uranium (and spent fuel rods) lying around, waiting to be discovered. We find footprints millions of years old, there’s no doubt that future alien investigators will find preserved segments of roads and highways. And so on, and so on… But the tenor of the show was more like “IN 100 YEARS IT WILL ALL BE GONE!!!”… BS.