Again with a human finger in food?

Vegetarian gets tip of human finger in his food.

[Obligatory “wwwwwww…” and request for vomit smiley here.]

Well, at least this time they seem to know where it came from, an industrial accident at the food packing plant. The thing is, though, it mentioned it was lost by a worker in an accident, but they didn’t do anything to get it back, it seems. One would like to think they would do a voluntary recall of whatever product they happened to be packaging that day. I guess the company, in all it’s infinite wisdom, figured a recall would cost money and give them bad publicity from having a finger in their food. But, if they don’t say anything, then there would be a chance no one would ever find out. Once again, corporate America puts its best food forward. :rolleyes:

:looks at location:

Crap. I’m a vegetarian too. I suppose as long as I stay away from prison-bound pre-packaged meals I should be okay.


Look folks, just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy finger food …

:: d&r ::