Again with the annoying commercials!

This drug commercial that defines depression as something like, “you’re just really bummed and you wish the socks would sort themselves.” :roll_eyes:
Okay, what should people take when they’re like, “Why are there socks? Why do I have to keep breathing?”

Remember: don’t take Trintellix if you’re allergic to Trintellix.

Unless you’re super depressed, and then maybe wash it down with lots of booze! Take that, sock pile!

Wow - talk about a light day. But I guess saying, “you’re just really bummed and you wish the socks would sort of wrap themselves around your neck until you’ve achieved sweet, sweet oblivion,” would be considered a little dark.

Side Effects may include Gangrene of The Genitals

You think your depressed now?

Warning - Trintellix may cause depression

And everything else in her entirely white house that is occupied by two small children is spotless - except for one sock on the floor and dirty laundry that is in a laundry basket.

Which is our first clue that this is an impossible scenario, unless it’s a set piece constructed by the woman in her break from reality.

In her mind, she’s lived in this perfect minimalist house with her archetypal children for years… to the outside world, she’s been in a fugue state for a month, since her children pushed her down the laundry chute and left her for dead. All she can do is utter “tricky trellis… sockssss… twin telex…”

The sock on the floor is key; it’s her conscious mind trying to get through to her that her constructed delusion isn’t perfect.

Ahhh…I like this version much better!

To me, it sounds like one of those relaxation commercials we’ve had over the past year, with rain falling.

That one? That one is pretty cool, to me.

Nope, not that one.

This “inspirational” ad.
While people love their families, I would imagine after a year of no traveling and some people hardly leaving home, “let me go SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN home!” would be a more common sentiment than this ad. “I’ll be home tonight” indeed! And tomorrow, and the next 365+ days.

This ad smacks of a desperate effort to convince people that they aren’t yearning to go to Paris and Rome (or nearly anywhere) with a million people going by. It sounds like a non-Jedi saying “these are not the droids you’re looking for.”

This ad is particularly wearying to me because one TV station plays it during EVERY episode of a show I like.


There’s a commercial for Sling TV that I hear about 20 times a day. Without doing the math, I’ve heard / seen it ….a lot. To this day I still don’t understand why grandpa’s response to the statement that his grandson wants to watch cartoons with him is "now open a can of tuna!"
He’s actually saying “I hope we can soon” but it took me a long time to decipher that.
It’s at the 12 second mark here

does elton john not own the rights to his music these days ? and if he does why would le let rakituen kill his most famous song? …

I haven’t seen or heard those Hy-Vee/“Our House” commercials for a few days, so maybe they listened to all the complaints and pulled them.

I pity poor Grampa if the kid wants to make cartoon watching a regular thing. To have to feign interest in (most) contemporary cartoons would be stressful.

Not true! I can’t wait to watch Rick and Morty, Momma Named Me Sheriff and Archer with my now 3 year old grandson who I haven’t seen in almost year. He’ll probably be bored and his mother would pitch a bitch but I’d be properly entertained.

I’ve had to watch cartoons with a younger person, and the hardest thing for me is keeping my sarcastic mouth shut :slightly_smiling_face: